Top 6 Android Games For Smartphones And Tablets

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Smartphones and tablets have really made the life easier and now it’s easier for everyone to stay connected and do daily routine work with perfection. They not only help in work but also help in keeping a person entertained by offering entertainment games. Android platform has really impressed many people and many top manufacturers of smartphones and tablets use android operating system in their smartphones and tablets. When you visit the google play store you find lot of games there and each and every new version of the android operating system gives birth to new games.

Although it is pretty difficult to list down the best games but the experts at have tried their best to give the top 6 android games for smartphones and tablets to let the people play these games and enjoy their free and leisure time

  1. Rymdkapsel

Design of this game is flat but this flat design didn’t make any impact in making it less appealing. Bare bone design of this game makes it unique and perfect looking and you need to generate resources and defend against several waves of enemies which makes this game a great fun to play.

  1. Super Hexagon

Super hexagon game is about controlling a tiny triangle and you can manage it by hovering around a hexagon in the middle of the screen. Different waves of walls spin around the centerpiece and main object of this game is to navigate the triangle to portion of wall which has opening. This game seems simple to the gamers at the start but it keeps on getting difficult as the tempo gets increased.

  1. Real Racing 3

It is an impressive game and it really shows the graphical perfection of android tablets and smartphones with the 10 real world tracks and more than 75 licensed cars. This game really gives great time to the gamers who are fond of racing and who want to have great fun in racing the cars at their android tablets or smartphones.

  1. Breach and Clear

If you are looking for taking an advantage of high end tablet hardware of your android tablet or smartphone then breach and clear game is a perfect one for you. This game required strategy and perfection to complete it and get succeeded in it. 3D graphics of this game makes it more appealing and gives a perfect feel and touch to the gamers who play it.

  1. A Ride Into the Mountains

A Ride into the mountains game includes the attack on enemies while getting seated on a galloping horse. You need to be a master at aiming if you want to reach higher levels in this game. Once you get master in this game then you can clear all its stages without any issue.

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Real racing has really gained the interesting of many people on smartphones and tablets. Asphalt 8: Airborne is a perfect game which makes the excitement level of the gamers go high by adding an overabundance of ramps for spins, barrel rolls and jumps. You need to have a lot of practice in order to get master in this game and clear its stages.

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