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Every website needs to be social. This is the current trend. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are the top social networking platforms that are extremely popular nowadays. Google wants to see that a website is popular and socialized in order to rank it high in search engines.

Does Google really care about Social signals?

Google has officially said that websites that look social can rank much higher than others. Having lots of backlinks in social networking sites works in a positive way for Google. In the following video Matt Cutts explains the way Google treats Twitter and Facebook links:

social networking sites

So, this is what every website owner wants for his site. They want to make it popular to social networking sites. What does this practically mean?

That means that a website owner needs to do a lot of things inside and outside his website in order to reach this goal. Some tasks he should do are these:

  1. Increase the number of Facebook likes of the Facebook page of the website
  2. Increase the number of Facebook shares of the pages included in the website
  3. Increase the number of Tweets with a link to the website
  4. Increase the number of Google Plus shares etc.
  5. Increase his social media presence in order to maintain live and active accounts inside the top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus etc.

Here is the list of the top social networking sites along with their page ranks.

URL, PR, 10, 9, 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8,7, 7,7, 6,6, 6

There are also social networks based on a specific location or on a specific topic. In these networks, you can   easily find instructions on how to share a link.

Working as a Freelancer

There are specific methods to provide social networking services and earn money helping website owners make their sites social. There are specific tools to do this type of job. You can sell these services quite expensive through the top Freelance Marketplaces like Fiverr, oDesk, etc. It’s a job in really high demand and you can earn thousands of dollars per month by promoting a website through social media.

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