Rejuvenating Small Businesses with Internet Marketing

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The barriers have been broken, borders have shrunk, countries have come closer with the emergence of globalise trade and cross-border transactions. The unintended side effect, however is that many small businesses now face immense pressure to find innovative ways to continue to market and reposition their products and services.

The problem becomes bigger when small businesses operate on tight marketing budgets.

In the quest to stay in contention, businesses often opt for traditional methods of marketing such as newspapers, radios, magazines ignoring the many benefits Internet Promotion offers. More often that not, ones who do not understand the power of Internet Marketing dwell on the complexities of Internet Marketing and fail to take advantage of the opportunities that it presents. To add to it, there is a huge misconception that the traditional marketing methods are cheaper than Internet Promotion.

The misconceptions only add to the misery of mounting advertising costs while vastly ignoring the changing landscape. Internet Marketing isn’t as daunting after entrepreneurs find out some information about how it works. Research has proven that In fact, Internet Marketing is proving to the most effective marketing strategy that generates the highest return on investment for most industries.

As Internet Marketing Evangelists, I have tried to list down a few benefits small businesses can gain from effective Internet Marketing.

Cost Effective.

Cost Effective, Period. More and More people now buy online. To an average small business, that can cut costs of expensive store decoration, sales staff, other expenses etc. People prefer a hassle free transaction over a pesky sales person breathing down their shoulder. As a result, the Internet has become the most powerful selling tool ever created by man. How about that. Having an online portal can keep store open all the time and partnering with major online portals can help boost reach of a store from a neighbourhood to a neighbouring country.

Consider this, in comparison, Internet Marketing offers reduced budget and storage costs, reaches more customers, opens up new opportunities, fuels innovation. I’m guessing it is becoming obvious here.

Market Penetration

People can come searching for you, online. With millions of people using the Internet to search for products and services, small businesses can penetrate newer markets at a fraction of the cost and expand their horizon with search optimization and social marketing

Websites are virtual storefronts and stay open 24/7. Thanks to the Internet, new businesses can become ubiquitous and household name almost overnight.

Deep Analytics to Understand User Behavior

If I had to choose one reason to convince you to try internet marketing, I would say, we can measure how much we spent for each footfall, how much time they spent, what pages evoked interest and how much was my ROI. Businesses love this. They want to know if what they are spending is working or not and Internet Marketing does just that.

Not only that, the stats are real time and provide detailed insights on unique visitors, repeat visitors, click through rates (CTR) on advertisements, thereby allowing businesses and marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of a promotion campaign. This enables marketers to understand how the market is responding a certain campaign and make necessary adjustments to their marketing strategies.

Time Saving

Put up a FAQ Section and now you can handle 1 to a million people at a time. Put a promotion up, it reaches everyone quickly. Make changes to a promotion, done quickly. Time saved is money earned, quiet literally.

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