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Press Release Submission

Tech and Trends:- One of the most popular ways to give a great exposure to your website is to create a good press release and publish it to great press release sites. For SEO reasons, submitting a Press Release to the Top Press Release directories is a very effective way to create new backlinks (do-follow included) to other websites. So, creating backlinks using Press Releases, is a very good method both for SEO and for making a website more popular and increase traffic.

Press Release Submission

What is a Press Release?

Press release is nothing more than a simple written form of communication.   By writing a press release one can provide a short piece of information related to product, an organization or any event considered important enough to be shared with the public.   Its purpose is to provide useful information to be passed on.

The aim of the press release (PR) is mainly for promotional purposes.  It informs people about a significant event concerning a firm, it helps to boost  business expectations, gain publicity on the net through various blogs, and social networks.

Due to this fact, submitting a press release to various press release directories is a very popular service that Freelancers offer online. Thousands of projects in the top freelance marketplaces are related to Press Releases. Some of them are related to Press Release writing and some of them to Press Release submission. The most popular Press Release directories where people submit their Press Release are the following:

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