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Article Directory Submission

One of the most popular Search Engine Optimization services you can sell to make real money online is named “Article Directory Submission”.  It is one of the most popular SEO tasks that all website owners do so as to get higher search engine rankings. The main purpose of Article Directory Submissions is to publish articles to various websites with a link to your client’s website. By this way, you increase the number of backlinks for the website you are getting paid to search engine optimize.

Article Directory Submission

Firstly, what is an article directory?

An Article directory is a website that its users post for free various articles organized in categories.  For example, you can visit and you will see various articles on different topics. In each category, there is a list of articles   related to a specific category. For example, if you click to the Travel Category, you will be redirected to a page where you will see a list of travel related articles.

Your main job here is to submit an article various article directories.  Each published article will include a backlink for your client’s website and this is what every website owner needs to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The main purpose of the article directory submissions is to create backlinks for a website. The place where the backlink will be created inside an article will mainly look like this:

“For tips and advice on how to create a website you can visit our website. Learn how to build a website with WordPress, how to search engine optimize your website and how to make money from it.”

When you click to the phrase “how to create a website” you will be redirected to the website that is linked with this phrase.  In this case, you will be redirected to

There are many ways to provide article directory submission services and earn money as a Freelancer. You can use a software to provide them or you can use a Quick and Easy Copy Paste method” that is described in this guide “Make a living from SEO” ( You can provide this type of service in a matter of minutes and you can sell them through, and through various Freelance Marketplaces.


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