Complete Guide for Wiki Backlinks

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Guide for Wiki Backlinks

What is a Wiki Website 

Tech and Trends:- Wiki is a kind of a platform that a website owner can install to a website, and allow users to freely interact within a specific page. Users of a wiki website can create an account , edit instantly the content of a page and save it with the changes they made.  A very good source to see how wiki websites work is this: Wikis are a great of communicating and working on a project with other people.

Guide for Wiki Backlinks

The world’s most popular wiki site is Wikipedia. Wikipedia allows everyone to interact inside their pages and change the content of a webpage.  However there is always a moderator that acts like an anti-spammer and protects the whole process. For example, he deletes advertisement links when published.  Another feature of the Wikipedia links is that, all links inside Wikipedia are no-follow.

However, Wikipedia receives a large amount of traffic and having a backlink there, is a real effective way to send visitors to your client’s website.  So, the job for a Freelancer here is not mainly to create backlinks in Wikipedia due to this difficulty. The job for a Freelancer will be to create backlinks in websites that have installed the Wiki platform and are similar to Wikipedia websites.

How to find wiki websites to create backlinks for your clients?

This can be done manually using Google search engine or You can also use software that has already the wiki feature inside like Senuke or Sicksubmitter.  This software can submit a spun article to multiple wiki sites at once. Some wiki websites have high Page Rank and offer do-follow backlinks which is a great advantage for a website owner.

If you want to be a successful Freelancer to be able to provide SEO services like this and earn about 3000 to 6000 dollars per month (or even more) providing SEO services, then you can use all these techniques that top Freelancers use to make this amount of money and they are included in this guide

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