5 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Landing Pages

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These landing pages are where the visitor land immediately the moment they click on your advertisement. Thus, it’s always essential for your landing page to be correlated with your ad text. The landing page will instantly capture the attention of the visitor and compel them in order to take the needed action. Thus, it is somewhat a “call-to-action” page. It would be very helpful for the success of any sort of advertising programs. Say for instance, you have an online business about online pokies and want to get more attention, visitors or client, you’ll be spreading ads on different websites and you want to make sure that when a potential client clicks on your ad, they will be directed to your online website.

In case the landing page is of great quality, it will surely create a positive vibe for the user’s experience, which also increases the chances of getting more conversions or even sales. Thus,  is an essential factor that contributes well for increasing the ROI of any business. As a matter of fact, a landing page has its own impact upon the score of quality, especially in the AdWords campaign. This is for the reason that it increases the position of the ads on every search page. It even enhances the chances that your placement-targeted ads will surely win a position upon your targeted placements. Thus, you need to be aware about the poor quality landing pages, as it will reduce the chances of the top placement of ads.

Top Reasons Why Bloggers Need Landing Pages

  1. Conversion Funnel Paths- it will impact your goals in a direct manner. For instance, when your business goal is to mainly achieve visibility for your online pokies website, landing pages could surely be crafted to compliment such purpose. Business goals simply include getting visitors to sign up, fill out essential information, or mainly press buttons such as sharing and subscribing or clicking through in order to buy products and influence their brand image. A good landing page will surely help you achieve these goals.
  1. Logging user information- it is a fast and efficient way to influence campaigns, research projects, product creation, customer service initiatives and future sales. By simply optimizing your landing pages to fill out fast info forms, we could surely analyze the data in order to determine the factors regarding our audience, such as social preferences and demographics.
  1. Advertising- your efforts could be easily measured in an efficient way by using carefully planned landing pages. By simply using tools such as Adsense and Google Analytics as well as built-in WordPress plugins, you could surely track the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  1. Anticipation- for the startups as well as new products could be nurtured with different styles of landing pages, such as the Countdown or the Coming Soon styles. Having zero skills about programming and designing will not be much of an issue, for the reason that there are already pre-built layouts and themes made for your convenience, so it’s suitable enough for your online pokies business.
  1. Eye Tracker- landing pages have the technology by allowing you to enhance your landing pages, by simply showing you where the users click and how much time they actually spend looking at certain sections. Thus, you could base your design changes in a safer manner, as you already know where the conversions are being missed and which opportunities work best for the lead generation.

So, if you want to be a successful full-time blogger and make your online pokies business a success, it would be ideal for you to use landing pages now.

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