Why Has Magento Become Most Demanding Platform For Ecommerce?

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Developed by a California based software company called Varien Inc., Magento is a content management system for e-commerce businesses. But why did it become labeled as the most demanding and the most widely used platform in E-Commerce? Today, we as consumers know how easy it is to go online and buy a particular product. The various manufacturing details, user reviews and the convenience of getting the product delivered right at your doorstep makes e-commerce an endearingly valuable service to the consumers. It has several benefits for the manufacturers too as it eliminates the need of more physical stores for certain products and also giving rise to industries like logistics, transport and warehousing. There are several platforms available for the new website owners; nevertheless, not all are very efficient. With more than 26% share in the e-commerce market, it is indeed the king of all content management platforms. Other than being currently owned by the e-commerce moguls E Bay, there are several reasons why Magento is the most popular platform in the E-commerce business.

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  1. Built To Do The Job

Unlike WordPress which only fulfils the needs for most non-commercial websites, Magento is built specifically keeping in mind the various business needs of an e-commerce website. Magento is preloaded with various features which help the developers setup an e-commerce website within no time. The various pre loaded features are enough to make a functional website which is perfect for an e-commerce business and require no additional programming.

  1. Open Source

Magento is like the android of the e-commerce business. Its open source, which means you can install, modify and change the platform in any manner you see fit. You can use a large number of extensions which provide you with a huge array of functions and can be downloaded from the Magento connect marketplace. Additionally you can also program several features into the website as per your need.

  1. Huge Community Backup

Being an open source platform, Magento is also a meeting point for a huge community of developers who are working to make it the most snag-free and smoothest of all e-commerce platforms. The expert team of developers makes sure that you get whatever backend support you need when using Magento.

  1. Top Notch Performance

You certainly don’t want to be bothered by the terrible page loading speed and just a few milliseconds of delay can have a huge impact on the website’s performance. Magneto is among, if not the fastest performing platforms that provide a highly accurate and quick caching and optimization which makes it a total winner in the e-commerce market.

  1. SEO Compatibility

What is the point of developing an e-commerce website if it isn’t visible to the various users on the internet? Similar to the SEO friendly interface in wordpress, Magento provides several search engine tools like URLs, Meta tags, descriptions, sitemaps, layered navigation etc. All of these help the web developers optimize their websites so that they are rated much higher by the various search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

  1. Mobile Support

With the internet technology slowly getting more and more portable through notebooks and Smartphones, it is not far when the e-commerce will make mobile shopping, it’s permanent home. With more and more businesses developing the various online apps for Smartphones, Magento also provides several tools which are perfect for providing your website with mobile support.

  1. Supports Multiple Tenants

You no longer need to develop a separate website each time you want to diversify your online business. Magento allows the developers and the website owners to create several online stores with a single backend CMS. A single admin can control and view all the activities and records along with controlling the inventory and the various billing errands.

  1. Quick Third Party Integration

The open source functionality makes Magento a marvelously customizable platform. You can use several third party services such as payment gateways, shipment tracking and other database management apps which are important for your e-commerce business. The site is further associated with Google analytics, Google base and Google checkout, which makes performance monitoring a breeze.

With its out-of-the-box tools and services, Magento is indeed the reigning champion of E commerce businesses. The community edition is totally free of charge which supports several free and paid open source apps and extensions. You can also visit websites like finestshops.com for more details on Magento and other e-commerce platforms.

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