Mass Planner Review – How To Use The Instagram Platform To Its Fullest

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Tech and Trends:-Sometimes, running a business is not an easy task. You are required to go an extra mile for you to have a smooth business. This way you are assured of good income. One way of advertising your business services and products is through the social media platform. With the modern technology, nearly 80% of adults in the world use to communicate thus making it the best way to ensure that your adverts are seen by as many people as possible. Getting the best tool to help you in your social media is essential to avoid wasting your precious time.

Are you a business person looking for a great feature to help you advertise your business? Well Mass Planner is the best tool that everyone needs. This tool is the best to boost your social media popularity whether in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Using this tool is what is necessary to anyone since it enables you to schedule updates to  all your social media platforms from one dashboard which is very easy to use.


One of the social media platforms that Mass Planner works with very effectively is Instagram. This is one of the best social media platforms since it is very easy to use and it’s also user friendly making it have very many followers. It has great features like Auto Follow tool, Auto Unfollow tool and auto like tool. Auto Follow tool means that you can follow people automatically by searching them through their specific keywords. Auto Unfollow means that you can unfollow people automatically. You can also set the tool to unfollow people who do not follow you back automatically to ensure that you have all your friends see your products. Auto Like Tool which helps you in searching automatically for your preferred keywords and pictures. By doing this, it increases your chances of people noticing you and liking you products as well as following you back.

By using Instagram, it ensures that you reach more clients and your followers increase. With the use of this social media platform’s automated features, it ensures that your followers list increase by up to 50% after only a few months of using the tool. With this increase rate of people following you, it also means that your products are been seen by many people thus this is one of the best tool to use while advertising your products.

Using Instagram however require you to upload pictures using your mobile phone only since they do not have an online method of doing that yet. This software runs on a computer and its always growing so you can expect to see other great social platforms added soon. According to Mass Planner reviews from clients who have used it, it is the best tool to work with. You can get this product by either subscribing month or get a six month subscription with free 5 days trial for both subscriptions. During those 5 days you can use it as much as you need with full functionality so you can get a better idea of how powerful this software is.

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