Renting Servers Trend Takes Hold For Firms In Transition

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With the advent of cloud computing and mobile computing, planning for device and computer demand inside your firm has become something that can be a challenge depending upon your industry.  Part of the problem is similar to what happens when you host an event.  If you don’t have enough chairs, tables, and tablecloths, companies typically go out and rent them.

When faced with the same problem in terms of server power onsite, it has only been within the last few years that IT departments have recognized that bringing rental servers onsite can actually save them time and money during a transition.

Here are some of the most common situations where companies find themselves turning to rented servers to help out:

Demand is seasonal

Whether you are working on tax returns as a company or spending the Christmas season with extra workers that need support, renting a server can help you to cover the added workload that a new site or new users will bring to your firm.  Part of the upside of leasing or renting your computers is that it is a straight expense which requires no amortization in order to recoup costs on the use of computers that your staff needs.  Another positive is that there really are no hardware maintenance costs because each computer is new or has been validated by a hardware team before it is delivered to your site.

Trade show time

renting-serversIf you travel to attend trade shows and provide a presentation, part of the extra cost of attending is to ship your computer equipment so that users can experience your product or service first-hand.  In some cases, the cost of moving extra equipment can be substantial.  For companies that would like to avoid the hassle of having to move computers along with the display or exhibit that they are showing, Server rentals make a lot of sense.

They arrive at the convention center or trade show venue when you do and they are completely configured as per your specifications in advance.  If you have arranged your booking in advance, you can normally also have them verify that whatever you plan to display or run on the computers will work with the configuration that you are ordering.  One of the biggest positives of using locally delivered computers is that you do not need to worry about any of your computers being broken or damaged when they arrive.

Computer classes

If you are training your coworkers on a certain application or teaching a course at a venue that does not contain enough computers, renting computers temporarily will allow you to efficiently provide everyone with the tools that they need.  Typically speaking, if computers are not available onsite where you are, you can invoice your client for the rentals directly and they will likely appreciate that there is a short-term solution that does not require an equipment purchase.

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