Working as a Freelancer and its Benefits

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Working as a Freelancer

Tech and Trends:- The wide use of internet has changed the traditional way of work for more than 14 million people worldwide. In fact, it’s not any longer easy to find a 9-5 job near your house and even  more so in your field of studies. So, Freelancing Revolution has taken place, in recent years  to help everyone from any country in the world to demonstrate their qualifications and their  talents and earn significant revenue by providing simple but quite profitable online services.

Top Categories of Freelance Services

The top 5 categories of freelance services are:

  1. Web Development – Programming
  2. Writing Jobs (article writing, translation)
  3. Internet Marketing (SEO)
  4. Graphic and Multimedia
  5. Data Entry and administration support

Countries Where Freelance is Popular

Tech and Trends:- Countries that hire freelancers are basically USA, UK, India, Canada and Australia. On the other hand, countries where freelancing is very popular and there are thousands of freelance full-time workers are: USA, India, Pakistan, Bagladesh, and Philippines. As everyone can understand from these statistics, people in countries where there is unemployment, realized that working as a freelancer via internet is the best way for them to earn so much money that they could never  have earned by working in a traditional job, in their country.

Working as a Freelancer

Benefits of working as a Freelancer

Working as a Freelancer offers many benefits to you and possibly to your family. Firstly, you can work on your own time, and schedule.

ü  You set your own time to work without a boss over your head. You set your own  working hours depending on the job you have to deliver to your clients. You can work late at night, early in the morning, whenever you want but should be able to deliver the requested service on time.

ü  Unemployment Solution. If you are not able to find your desired job in your area of  living or even in your country due to the increase of unemployment, then you can still  find thousands of jobs available through internet and work as a freelancer for people  who live outside your country.

ü  Show your talents everywhere. You may have a talent or a qualification that is not at all in demand in your area of living. The internet is here to solve this problem and allow you to demonstrate your abilities worldwide without country limitations. So, you have a specific skill on Photoshop for example, browse Photoshop jobs and start working on the field you are already qualified.

ü  Most jobs are simple and you can learn them after some brief training. There are thousands of services you can start offering to your clients after a brief training. You need to be flexible and willing to learn new things simple but valuable. For example, to be able to write an article for a blog is a very simple task that you can start doing after a tutorial that is included in this e-book. However, there are thousands of people worldwide who earn more than 3000$ per month just by writing articles. So, no need to go again to University to start making money online. Simple jobs – Learn the ropes -Market your profile and you are ready to start a new online career!

ü  Building a sustainable business. Creating a great profile in the most famous freelance websites, guarantees that you will always have customers ordering from you. Many employers buy from top rated workers only. Once you create a good profile in those freelance websites, you will certainly have clients buying services from you for years to come. Creating a good profile needs time but it’s not difficult if you offer high quality services and you follow some specific marketing tips included in this e-book.

ü  High Earning Potential – Financial Independence. Being a successful freelancer can bring you thousands of dollars per month. It’s a fact that thousands of Freelancers earn 2000-5000 dollars per month. Just focus on offering high quality jobs that are in high demand and then you will be able to make more money than in a daily 9-5 job

ü  Enjoy your free time. Work on your own schedule, doing jobs that you like, enjoying more free time for  hobbies is what everyone dreams of. This is what Freelancing Revolution is about to offer you. Just stick to a plan. Learn the basics and start working on your own.  Of course this will not happen within a 2-day period, but it’s something that you can really achieve if you spend some time to learn how the system works and treat it as a real business.

ü  Multiple Income Streams. There are so many Freelance marketplaces where you can work and you are able to have a different income stream from each of them. This is an important advantage since if something goes wrong with one Freelance marketplace, you have an alternative income stream available

ü  Almost no investment costs to start earning money. As you will discover through our guide. You can start earning money without previously spending a single dollar. For example, you can start writing articles or providing SEO services using the “Quick and Easy Copy Paste Method” (will be described later) without spending money at all. Then of course, if you want to make more money you will need some software but the cost will be very low compared to the revenue that will bring to you.

How it works?

Let’s see with an example, how freelancers work and get paid. In Odesk, one of the largest freelance marketplaces, last year there were more than 800,000 job postings available in various job categories. On the other hand, there are thousands of freelancers who apply for those jobs. The agreement takes place through Odesk to ensure as much as possible that both parties will hold their agreement. The freelancer should offer high quality services and the buyer (outsourcer) should pay the freelancer on time. So, they make an agreement inside Odesk. A Freelancer provides the services agreed and then he gets paid. Payments in most Freelance marketplaces are being processed through Paypal.

Skills that will help you make the most as a Freelancer

Of course, there are some skills that will help you make a great success as a Freelancer. Here are some skills that if you have them or you are willing to obtain them, will guarantee your success in the Freelance World:

Ø  Basic Computer Skills (typing fast is also a great advantage)

Ø  Willingness to learn in depth the selected jobs one is about to offer Ø  Knowledge of English

Ø  Basic Communication Skills

Ø  Creative way of thinking and acting Ø  Marketing Understanding

What types of services can a Freelancer offer online?

In fact there are thousands of jobs a Freelancer can offer online. Here, we mention some of them. This e-book covers SEO and most of the Article Writing jobs:

SEO jobs                                                                                             Web Design Jobs

Web directory Submission                                                                     Programming

Easy  and Quick Copy Paste Method                                                     WordPress

Article Directory Submissions                                                                HTML

Social Bookmarking                                                                              JAVA

Social Media Marketing                                                                         Customer Service

Blog Commenting                                                                                 Marketing and Sales Jobs

Forum Posting                                                                                     Administrative Support

Data Entry Jobs                                                                                   Software Development

Backlinks Creation etc

Article Writing Jobs                                                                   Graphic Design and Multimedia Jobs

SEO Article Writing                                                                             Blog Writing Logo Design

Press Release writing Banner Creation                                                  Header Creation

Translation Jobs                                                                                  Promotional Video Creation

Blog Poster                                                                                         Video Reviews

Voice Over

Best Freelance Marketplaces for all kind of services (millions of users) (more than 7 million users worldwide) (1 million new jobs per year) (80.000 new jobs per month)  (400.000 members)

Best Freelance Sites for Writing Jobs

Best Freelance Sites for SEO Jobs

However, you most likely have not bought this e-book just to read about freelancing but to be a freelancer yourself, and earn a satisfying income from your services. So the points you need to pay attention to are:

  • What are the freelance jobs that you can do with no or little education
  • How to provide these services by offering the best quality
  • Where to sell these services, in which freelance marketplaces
  • How to boost your sales in these freelance marketplaces. Marketing your profile.

This is exactly what this e-book is about to show you. This e-book is written after hundreds of hours of research and testing. By reading this e-book to the end, you will realize that making money online is easily achievable but of course, you need to work for this and forget all these scam “quick rich schemes” that never work for anyone .

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