Watchlock – A Revolutionary Padlock

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Designed in Israel, Watchlock is an innovative tool that takes security to a whole new level. Unlike other heavy duty padlocks, Watchlock will notify owners if the lock has been disturbed, opened by an unauthorised individual or taken to a new place. The brainchild of Mul-T-Lock and Starcom Systems, the Watchlock combines traditional padlock technology with GPS and a microchip. In the past, people were merely able to lock up their possessions, but with this new tool they can also monitor it.

Valuables can be monitored remotely via smart phones, computers or other electronic devices. The Watchlock has a number of applications and is being used in the trucking industry, where it can monitor the valuable goods being transported and even the driver itself. An additional feature of this padlock is that it is weather resistant, and will work well even in extreme temperatures, hot or cold. This ensures that the electronic components inside are not compromised.

Rising Demand Among Security Companies

In addition to the trucking industry, there are a number of other industries that are also interested in this

product. One of the biggest is the security industry, as they are routinely tasked with transporting and protecting both personnel and valuables. People who travel regularly in a mobile home will also find great value with this product.

Additional Applications

Watchlock can be used in conjunction with other products that are offered by Starcom Systems. Some of these include a GPS tracking tool which is designed for containers carrying hazardous materials. This tool is so powerful that in addition to monitoring the whereabouts of the materials, it can also monitor the temperature, notifying the owners if it reaches dangerous levels. A number of automobile manufacturers are also considering Watchlock for the protection of their vehicles.

In addition to the GPS capabilities that this lock displays, it also uses GSM communication. This means that the lock will communicate with its owners in real time. It does this via RTLS or Real Time Location System. Owners can be notified through email, a text message or through a special web app. The Watchlock uses a battery so it doesn’t need an external power source. It can communicate with your mobile phone because it uses cellular technology as well. The wonderful thing about this revolutionary lock is that you can monitor its status from anywhere in the world. Because it uses GPS it can be accessed via satellite, which means location will not be an issue.

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