Thingam: The Next Best Thing To Ride On The Social Media Wave

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Tech and Trends:- Thingam, the next social media platform set to hit the market in July 2014 is set to rock the world. It takes social media to a whole new level while at the same time are targeting at a new segment of the market.

By combining the best features found in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; plus a whole lot of other unique features, it surely is a one-of-a-kind experience for Thingam users. Let’s take Facebook for example, Thingam users can post updates and attach videos, photos, comments, follow friends, build a network and comment on others member’s postings. As for Instagram, all photos and videos are accessible to anyone on Thingam if they are being made public. Finally taking leaf out of what makes Twitter so successful is that, members can create trends with hastags.

But that’s not all. Taking existing features and re-packaging it is one thing, what makes Thingam a unique social media platform will be its clean design which is similar to Windows 8 METRO User Interface. This makes it user-friendly and easier to navigate and there are clear separations on each page section, which makes it less cluttered.


To ease the registration process, you can sign up to Thingam using your existing Facebook or Twitter account. Even if you were to self-register, all it takes is for you to enter your name, date of birth for age verification purpose and gender. All this information is private and will never be sold or shared to third parties.

In Thingam, there’s a feature called Social Stream which allows the users to get all activities from their Facebook Wall and Twitter accounts such as news feeds, tweets, photos, videos and events that they have been tagged with, be posted on their Thingam profile page. You are able to set the privacy settings to either show to friends or be made public.

The other interesting feature of Thingam is that, members can view any photo or video that has been uploaded to Thingam and made public. It has a photo gallery and video repository where you can go to the Photo or Video page and have access to all photos and video’s made public on Thingam. You can then search for Photos and Videos by Category, description or rating. This allows for more photos and videos to go viral much faster among the social media audience.

As for news, you not only depend on others around your circle but there’s full news article that is provided by famous news outlets, like Google, CNN, Times so much more.

Last but not least, you can also advertise on Thingam just like Facebook, you can create ads to promote anything. Advertisers can set a budget with as little as $1 USD which would give 1000 views of your advertisement. Just select the geographic location, the age group and the gender of your targeted audience who you want to be able see your ads. There are also Mega Blaze packages which allow a user to post their advertisement once on all user network feeds.

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