How A Startup Can Support Their Staff Utilizing Technology At The Highest Level

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The one aspect of being a manager that too many professionals overlook is how to empower staff with technology. Empowering staff not only can help improve productivity but can also help staff take pride in the work that they are doing. With the right tools that technology has to offer the mundane parts of a job can be automated or made far simpler. This could be a PDF converting right into an Excel file instead of manually having to transfer everything or data that can help form the next ad campaign. The best course of action is to ask employees what would make them more productive. There is a chance that they are aware of a tool or software that could be a huge help in one respect or another. The following tips to help a startup become more productive by empowering staff with the right technology.

Using Sales Tracking Software To Improve Pitches/Close Cold Leads

Sales tracking software whether it is email tracking open rates of blasts or setting reminders to follow up with cold leads can be a huge help. Being able to craft emails and test them against one another whether it is the subject line or email content can provide essential feedback to help improve sales copy. The leads that are given to the sales team can also be analyzed as at times sales closing rates are low due to the leads being low-quality or unqualified. A sales tracking software that can be integrated with a CRM is essential so a client can feel valued throughout their relationship with the company. This software can also be used for training as a salesperson might be losing a large percentage of their leads at a certain section of the sales funnel.

Data Should Be Used To Create Digital Marketing Strategies

The digital marketing team at a startup has an advantage over startups in the past. The use of data is far more prevalent and there are plenty of tools that can help collect as well as translate data. Being able to come up with a strategy that not only utilizes creativity but is back by data has a better chance of success. Data does not lie and can help allocate budgets for the marketing team as it will be easy to find the ROI on each marketing tactic. Small details like publishing a post on the blog when the website experiences the most traffic is a perfect example of something that can increase the reach of a single blog post. If your digital marketing team is not using data to make a decision this needs to change before an entire campaign doesn’t result in sales or leads created. Too many failed marketing campaigns with generous budgets can quickly put a startup out of business or create a massive cash flow problem.

Automated Calculators And Tools Can Help Immensely With Product Design

For companies designing products, it is important to have a trace impendence calculator if designing something with a circuit board. These printed circuit boards or PCBs are utilized in a variety of wireless technology which seems to be more and more prevalent. Being able to scale these design products or having a calculator to automatically generate new numbers or requirements helps designers stay on track. Calculators can be useful for customers as well if it is a cost calculator for a company that handles massive renovations on homes or commercial buildings. This might be something that you ask the staff in a particular department to come up with ideas of what would help them. The chances are that many in other management roles might not understand the intricacies of something as complex as electrical circuits in a tech product.

Freelancers From Around The World Can Be Used As Low-Cost Assistants To Staff

Technology has created an immensely healthy freelancer market that includes freelancers with limitless skills. These freelancers can be used for everything from data entry to doing web development. Assisting with those menial tasks can be a huge boost in productivity/profitability. A well-paid employee should not be spending time doing data entry or administrative work as they are much more valuable completing tasks they are directly paid to do. Far too many companies do not utilize this option as they just see it as an added expense. The truth is that this can help immensely with productivity which will more than cover the costs of assistants for the most valuable employees.

Technology should be embraced as it can make the jobs of staff more productive and the company far more money. Taking those tasks that take up too much time and automating them or sourcing them out can also impact office morale in a positive fashion. Assess the company as a whole to see where technology can make an immediate impact as you would be surprised by the opportunities to do so with a thorough examination.

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