Why You Should Be Using Cloud Email

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Using Cloud Email

Tech and Trends:- The development of the cloud has revolutionised the way in which businesses utilise email. From cutting costs and maximising employee productivity to protecting vital data and complying with corporate regulations, cloud email presents an array of advantages to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Read on for a comprehensive overview of the benefits of cloud email and why your business should be using it:

Increased productivity

The cloud allows users to rapidly search their archives with ease, thus minimising the amount of time spent trawling for certain sent or received emails. Help desk inquiries will be reduced which means that IT staff can concentrate on more impending tasks while instant access to archived content will also help employees make quick and informed decisions. Want proof? A recent survey from MYOB revealed that SMBs embracing cloud technology are 50% more likely to see an increase in earnings.

Reduced email storage costs

Whether you use a free service or have paid for licenced software, most email providers put a premium on additional storage space. For businesses operating multiple email accounts, this can add up to a significant amount of expenditure. The cloud offers a cost effective solution to the issue of limited storage capacity, allowing users to store emails in a secure, external location.This allows businesses to allocate resources to other, more profitable sectors.

Helps businesses stay compliant

In the case of any disputes, it is essential for businesses to be able to retrieve any email communication that concerns the case at hand. In many industry sectors, keeping accurate and up-to-date email records is a legal requirement. Mimecast’s cloud email service offers an intelligent solution to compliance regulations, ensuring that all email correspondence is archived and easily accessible. Featuring triple data copies, SSL encrypted uploads and anti-virus protection, the level of security is unmatched by any of its competitors.  Used by over 80% of the UK’s leading legal firms, Mimecast Email Archiving has emerged as an invaluable corporate tool.

Eliminates data loss risks

When it comes to data recovery, cloud email ensures that content can be instantly accessed, regardless of internal server issues or system wide computer crashes. Effectively recovering these digital assets can have a direct impact on whether or not a business can come back from a technical disaster.

A lightened load for the email server

For those wishing to enjoy faster send, upload and download times, migrating to cloud email storage is an essential business move. By harnessing the storage capacity of an external server, businesses can lighten the load on their email servers and ensure maximum speed and efficiency at all times.

Fast tracked implementation

Adding new users to cloud email is significantly faster and more efficient than conventional in-house servers. This makes it a clever choice for businesses with a rapid turnover of email accounts.

With hugely advantageous benefits such as these to be gained, there is no reason why your business should not be harnessing the power of cloud email technology. Whether you’re looking to increase your bottom line or protect vital data, the cloud is an intelligent and cost effective tool for any business.

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