What Not to Ignore While Buying A Tablet

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Buying A Tablet

Tech and Trends:- Personal computer market has been hit with bang by the tablets. With the introduction of iPad by Apple in 2010, the craze for tablets has increased at meteoric rate. iPad holds 66% of share of tablet market and many new companies have joined the fray and have introduced their own models. Besides comfortable working with touch screen interface, the compact size of tablet has made it popular. No peripherals are required for interfacing with computer because everything is done on monitor. Though tablets are very useful, they are unable to compete with computing power of desktop or also a laptop computer. It is also not feasible to type very fast on the touch screen as on the keyboard. Tablets shall not be able to replace full sized computers ever.

Buying A Tablet

Tablets are used to surf the net, using media and checking mails. Though these activities cover lot of ground, tablets are still not strong enough to perform full-blown business applications. These tablets are now available in different sizes and forms but their performance varies to a great extent. While shopping for a tablet using Flipkart promo codesthe following areas should be considered:  


Like computers, the performance of tablet largely depends on the components like processors, graphic cards and the operating systems. Normally the components of tablets are built for use on the move but the performance may vary from tablet to tablet. Normally newer tablets would have upgraded components which offer better performance. In case the tablet is being used by you for basic tasks such as web browsing, faster performance would be noticed in the applications such as watching videos and playing games. Get one using a flipkart discount coupon today click here to visit website.


Tablets being small are light and designed for use while on move and can be held in hand easily. They minimize disruption of work and can be operated anywhere. Their cloud storage option and long battery life ensures your functioning remotely without getting tied to power adapter or transportable hard drive. A number of manufacturers have different models having 4G support that allows tablet connectivity with the data networks for internet access.


This is main part of the tablet and should have a good quality build. High resolution is obviously better. It has to be seen how vibrant are colors in a picture and can individual pixels be seen around edges of every letter in an onscreen text. This way you will learn about precision of the tablet. Amazon at CouponDekho has the best coupons and deals that would help you buy a tablet at a low cost.


Number of tablets is fitted with both the front facing cameras and rear cameras. The front camera can be used for a video conference and normally have low resolution compared to rear facing camera. Both these may be used for shooting photos and videos.

Help & Support

Whenever your tablet faces any hardware or software problem, you will need a good technical customer support. Warranty of products is a basic feature via phone on toll free numbers, email or websites of the companies. Apple, Samsung and Microsoft have customer care facilities which will offer you the hassle free support without any delay.

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