Why is WordPress so Popular?

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It wasn’t very long ago that creating a great website took a significant amount of work.  For many years, websites were coded almost completely by hand in HTML.  This meant that you had to have a good knowledge of HTML to make anything that was remotely functional.  In recent years, however, creating a website has become significantly easier and WordPress has been a major reason for this.  Some people wonder why WordPress has become so popular but it’s actually quite easy to understand.


The biggest reason people love WordPress so much is that it’s incredibly easy to use.  In fact, if you can use a regular social media site then you can probably run and update a WordPress site.  The dashboard that is included with the system is intuitive, simple, and expandable.  You can have a website set up and running in a matter of minutes, the only thing needed is content and hosting.

This simplicity can be found at every level of experience with WordPress.  One of its best features is the themes.  These can drastically change the look and functionality of a website and they are very easy to install and change.  Updating a whole website once took days but now you can do it in just a few minutes with the right theme.


Functionality is another major feature of WordPress.  While it is very simple to use and easy to understand, it can also perform a number of complex tricks.  If you wanted to have a slideshow of images, for example, you would have had to code it from scratch.  With WordPress, you can add sliders and other effects with the click of a button.


One vitally important function is responsiveness.  With the array of different devices people use to search the web, you need to be sure your site will always look good.  WordPress can automatically scale and rearrange your website to fit any phone, tablet, or computer without a second thought.  This is something that once require a lot of work but is now a standard feature.


Accessibility is probably the main impetus behind WordPress’ popularity.  Not everyone is technically minded.  Sifting through pages of confusing code is beyond the abilities of many people.  They still want to have a website, however, so they choose a system that is incredibly easy to learn.

It only takes a few minutes to learn how to use WordPress.  There are countless tutorials, videos, and other instructional material that can help you learn WordPress for free.  There really isn’t much to it and you can begin studying advanced concepts on the very first day.  You can find general beginner tutorials or specific instructions and particular tasks all over the web.

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WordPress has become so popular that you’re likely to run into multiple WordPress sites every day.  From blogs to magazines and even retail sites, this impressive program can handle it all.  The simplicity is what draws people in, the functionality keeps them using it, and the ability to learn WordPress quickly is what turns people into experts.  If you’ve been wanting to start a website but don’t know much about programming, WordPress is the solution.


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