Top 5 Android Music Apps for Music Lovers

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Whether we’re being jostled around in crowded trains and buses or commuting in our air-conditioned cars, there’s one thing we absolutely need to make our commutes bearable: music! Yes, we can’t do without it. God forbid those days when we forget our earphones or our portable music players, time seems to pass at an unbearably slow pace and it takes us forever to reach our destinations, right? So, hang on to those earphones and update that playlist, because when you’re faced with many hours of travelling or a never-ending wait at the doctor’s, it’s music that will help you while away the hours!

However, none of us like listening to the same songs over and over again. You want fresh tracks, ones that are currently topping the charts. Even if you’re someone who firmly believes in the adage ‘Old is Gold,’ you’ll still want a range of classics to listen too. So, which is the quickest, easiest way to keep your playlist updated with the latest best? Download a cool music app!  Music apps not only act as a limitless reserve for songs, but some of them also allow you to do fun things like add videos and podcasts and set up a cloud library for your favourite songs.

Eager to enrich your music-listening experience with such an app? Here are 5 amazing music apps to choose from:


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Simple MP3 Downloader:

This app not only has a vast collection of songs, it also has its own music player and permits both streaming and downloading. Featuring a slick interface, operating this app is a piece of cake, even for the technically challenged. It has quite a comprehensive collection so don’t be surprised if you do chance upon some really rare tracks. The icing on the cake is the quick downloading speed, in seconds the job is done!


Offering a laundry list of features, this music app is the proverbial gold mine for music lovers. To begin with, it features a visually-appealing, lucid layout. To add to this, it grants access to a truckload of songs that are accompanied by creative album artwork when played. You can also tweak the setting to create the customized music player you’ve always desired.  Additionally, it supports different file formats, offers an equalizer, crossfade, gapless and lots more!

Double Twist:

The highlight about this app is that it allows you to seamlessly sync music between iTunes and Android. It also has great visual appeal and supports a bunch of audio formats. It’s “What next” feature will come as a relief to all those who hate to live in suspense. Apart from this, you can add videos, podcasts and send music to various devices.

Shuttle Music Player:

This futuristic player has an extremely lightweight, clutter-free interface and a clean and classy look and feel. Apart from this, it also offers a sleep timer feature, gapless playback and a built-in equalizer.

Wynk Music:

Once you know the long list of features this app offers, you’ll be eager to start Wynk-ing right away! This music app offers over 1.8 million songs across Indian and international music, so this app has something for both, western and Indian music lovers. It also allows unlimited ad-free streaming radio channels, flexible sound quality and playlists that can be set according to mood, artist and genre!

Well, now that you’re aware of the best music apps around, take your pick and download the ones you like the most. If minutes you’ll be snapping your fingers and tapping your feet to your favourite songs! Happy listening!

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