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iPhone AppsTech and Trends:- We’ve long had enormous respect for our tech brethren at CNet Networks. And the folks over there have created a comprehensive Web resource called iPhone Atlas, with news, troubleshooting tips, and discussion groups surrounding your prized possession. User forums tackle a gaggle of iPhone related issues: the legality of unlocking an iPhone, how to send pictures via SMS, how to handle voice mail setup problems, to name just a few.

iPhone Atlas is simply laid out, even if it’s hardly the prettiest site we’ve ever seen. And while we’re quibbling, we’d have preferred to be able to access the full HTML iPhone Atlas site on our phones’ Safari browsers, rather than the lighter mobile-oriented version of the site. Still, iPhone Atlas is chock-full of the kind of information that iPhone junkies can’t seem to get enough of. Start at http://www.iphoneatlas.com.

Fast, Easy Shopping with OneTrip Shopping List

 No matter how good of an iPhone typist you are, we have a faster, easier way to make shopping lists. It’s called One Trip Shopping List. Rather than typing items for a list, you tap them. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap a category (see Figure 17-2 left).
  2. Tap an item or items in the category (see Figure 17-2 middle).
  3. At the store, tap each item as you toss it into your shopping cart and a
  4. check mark magically appears next to its name (see Figure 17-2 right).

Figure 17-2: First tap a category (left), then tap an item or items in that category (middle) to create a OneTrip Shopping List (right). You can edit a list any time you like, and you can type any item not included in one of the categories. With another tap, you can e-mail the list to yourself or anyone you want. OneTrip Shopping List has one last great feature — it’s free. Go to http://onetrip.org/onetrip/.

 Calculating Tips Has Never Been Easier

Sure you can use the iPhone’s calculator to figure out how much of a tip to leave, but using Danny Goodman’s Tip Calculator, at http://dannyg.com/ iphone/tipCalc, is a whole lot easier. Just tap the Food & Revs or Tax field and a numeric keypad pops up on the screen.

Specify the number of diners and the amounts for food and tax, and the Tip Calculator does the rest by calculating the gratuity, total, and total amount per diner, as shown in Figure 17-3. If you tap the little i to the left of Gratuity, you can even choose how the tip is calculated — as a percent of the food and beverage total or as a multiple of the sales tax. Tip Calculator, like the other items in this chapter, is 100% free of charge, leaving you extra cash to be a generous tipper.

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