Six Enterprise Level Mobile Apps to Watch in 2014

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Smartphone apps now make life easier for millions of business professionals. With an enterprise level app, an executive may be able to cut costs in easy ways. A business professional may be able to meet with other professionals around the world without incurring long-distance charges or having to fly to another country. He or she may be able to access important contracts and documents on an iPhone rather than having to find a laptop to download a document. Enterprise level mobile apps now allow professionals to stay connected at all times. In 2014, these six enterprise level mobile apps will likely prove to be popular with business professionals for the added value that they provide to a business.

1. DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch is the perfect app for generating excitement about a business conference, meeting, gala, charity event or other type of event. This mobile conference & event app allows event attendees to check in with one another. Attendees can create a dialogue that generates excitement about the event. The app has the ability to increase the number of attendees and revenue for an event through gathering KPI’s on the event. The app provides a space for mobile networking, sponsorship opportunities, surveys, polling and more. Six Enterprise

2. Skype

Skype is an awesome app for businesses that frequently host meetings. Business professionals can video chat with one another through Skype. Skype is totally free to download, and it is accessible on a laptop or smartphone. Skype can also help a business save costs, because the business does not need to fund expensive flights across the world for meetings. Business professionals can meet with one another in an instant with Skype.

3. Mocha VNC

Mocha VNC is a great app for the executive on the go. A professional can access all of his or her important documents with Mocha VNC. In the event that an executive forgets an important document for a presentation or meeting, that document is easily accessible on a smartphone or iPad.

4. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

With the Cisco WebEx Meeting Center apps, business professionals can instantly share documents with one another. This app makes it easy for professionals to collaborate with one another on a project. This app can allow employees to meet with one another and access one another’s documents. A business professional no longer needs to drag a laptop around when he or she has access to this Cisco app.

5. iThoughts Mind Mapping

For the person who tends to think in a visual manner, the iThoughts Mind Mapping app provides an excellent way to express such ideas. A business professional can create mind maps on the go with this app. If one happens to have a great idea on a flight, this app makes it easy to record that idea. The app also provides a space for modifying existing ideas. One can also upload ideas onto the app from other computer programs.

6. Evernote

Evernote enables a business professional to take notes on the go. Evernote is accessible from any device or computer. One can also record voice memos with Ever note.

These six apps are sure to change the way that people do business in 2014. These apps have already revolutionized businesses and enabled them to cut costs by thousands of dollars. Executives can also travel with less when they can access important business information on a smartphone with these apps.

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