Five Trendy App Games For iOS Devices

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Trendy App Games For iOS Devices

Recently we posted a piece covering some of the top trending apps for 2014 across a range of categories. To be sure, every year a few such apps rise to the top of the heap as tools with valuable and lasting utility. However, due to the sheer volume of apps released on a regular basis, it can also be helpful to delve into the best of specific categories. So here’s a look at five trendy, superb iOS gaming apps.

1. Year Walk

Having initially gained something of a cult following, Year Walk has become one of the most respected games available for iOS devices. The app combines a dark, twisted story with gameplay based on puzzles and mystery, but it’s the atmosphere of it all that’s truly captivating. Some recommend playing in a dark room with headphones on just to heighten the experience! The Next Web named it one of the best games of 2013, and it’s still gaining in popularity.

Trendy App Games For iOS Devices

2. Bridge Constructor

If you’re looking for a more current option, Bridge Constructor is at the top of the charts in both the free and paid app games lists (with the paid version costing just $0.99). This game from Head Up is essentially just what it sounds like, and invites players to construct bridges in various levels, seeking to build sound, creative structures that can withstand traffic. It’s almost like an app game haven for those Roller Coaster Tycoon fans out there.


Another game that some would place in the creepy, atmospheric genre in which Year Walk resides, BADLAND is really just a side-scrolling action game done to perfection. Players control a curious forest creature drifting through a dark, fairy tale forest and overcoming obstacles along the way. The app store boasts that BADLAND is the #1 game in 83 countries.

4. Poker In Play

A bit more under-the-radar than some games on this list, the Poker In Play app from popular online poker platform Bet Fair is a trendy option among card gaming enthusiasts because of its different format. The goal in this app is to play Texas Hold’Em with an eye on the winning hand. Instead of trying to win each pot yourself, the true skill is in identifying which hand around the table is best poised to win. This gives the app a unique feel among a plethora of poker games out there.

5. Super Stickman Golf 2

For those looking for a light-hearted, addictive arcade game, Super Stickman Golf 2 looks to be one of the best selections of 2014 thus far. This sequel game from Noodlecake Studios has all the fun of the original in designing a unique, somewhat whimsical arcade golf experience with fun courses and interesting special golf balls that allow you to conquer difficult terrain. Just beware: this game will keep you busy for hours!

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