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Tech and Trends:- Most techno business geeks agree that 2014 is the year to give your website a mobile presence. A solid choice for making a splash in the mobile world is creating a mobile application that users can access on their phones or tablets. Before you go out and create just any app for your business, take a note or two from these five companies and their successful applications.


The creators of Fancy knew what to keep in mind when they created their whole industry, not just the mobile app.

Fancy works in a way similar to Pinterest. Users can browse through selections of clothing, apparel, and other items that define and match their style. However, the difference is that Fancy allows the users to purchase the items on the spot instead of going to an outside source.

Fancy’s creators utilized the popularity of Pinterest and e-commerce to create an app (and a business) that users would be interested in.

Business Mobile Apps


Have you ever been out shopping and wished that you knew if there were a better deal on something somewhere else or that you had a coupon for that one item? The makers of Shopular know that you’ve had that feeling at least once.

That’s why they created their app to help shoppers find popular coupons for stores in their area. Not only that, but this app will also detect what shopping center the user is at and give them the most relevant coupons and deals to their location.

The creators have said that they believe smarter technology is in our future and have created their app to be on the cutting edge of apps.


Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are all necessary for normal, everyday web surfing. However, privacy is not completely protected by these search engines, and that can make users uncomfortable. Often, personal information is sold to advertisers and other companies.

DuckDuckGo creators realized that there was a gap in search engines where they could swoop in and make a profit. Instead of creating a normal search engine, they created one where the user’s privacy would be respected.


Kayak is yet another site that allows you to book flights, hotels, and rental cars by comparing prices side-by-side. Kayak has shown that you don’t have to be an older, more recognized brand to become useful and popular.

This app is more often used and higher rated than the app for Orbitz or Expedia because it has a more user-friendly interface. Even if the deals are not extremely better than the other sites have to offer, the ease of use make it the better choice for many mobile users.

Domino’s Pizza

The Domino’s Pizza mobile app is strikingly similar to the Pizza Hut app. These two companies have been in constant competition for the past forty or fifty years. But when it comes to the tech front, Domino’s has won out this time.

Domino’s knew that users enjoyed the ease of ordering their pizza online and made it even easier by creating an app for the experience. This was an important move because Domino’s showed that in the app world it is important to always get a leg up on your competitor.

These five apps may not be completely flawless and there are certainly apps out there that are made better, and therefore more popular. But these apps do have proven positive traits. Analyzing them and utilizing some of their good qualities could make your own business app even better.

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