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Business IntranetTech and Trends:- A business intranet, also known as a corporate intranet, is a private network or website that enables authorized members of an organization to gain access to company information and resources from their computers anywhere in the world. While some intranets are setup locally, such as a LAN (local area network), today’s internet technology enables web access through an internal website.

A corporate intranet offers several benefits for a business. It increase worker productivity, saves time and money, enhances collaboration and many others. With easy access to information, workers become more efficient in completing their tasks. Having a reliable resource helps a lot in accomplishing tasks for the company. In addition, an intranet is an effective way to save time and money on certain business processes. Many companies allocate huge budgets for phone calls, mails, printing, and other expenses that are crucial in running a business manually. With an intranet, these expenses can be minimized, if not eliminated, because communication can be made within the intranet and a paperless office can also be achieved.

Productivity is directly affected with a corporate intranet, but in a positive and desirable way. It is important to note that workers can utilize the tools within the intranet and work on projects simultaneously even when each one works remotely. Distance is no longer an issue with an internal website that can be accessed around the globe at any time of the day. Thus, workers can work on a single project as if they are working in the same room.

With the numerous benefits that can be gained from a successful intranet solution, it is also important that essential elements of an intranet are considered. Such considerations include security, usability, navigability and socialization.

A corporate intranet must be secure from unauthorized access through firewalls and encrypted data, worker IDs and passwords. Regular security updates must also be implemented. Moreover, the design and layout of the intranet website must be simple and functional. Too much graphics and multimedia can slow down page load and delay the completion of tasks. It is also important that new users are able to navigate around the system to find what they need at the shortest time possible. Lastly, by incorporating social networking in the system, workers are encouraged to login and use the system often. In time, the system will be able to function as a repository of information, productivity tool, communication tool and more.

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