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The most popular application of smart home technology is home security. A combination of intelligent devices designed to deter, monitor and record the ins and outs of homes are proving to be highly effective. This is undoubtedly related to the continuous connectivity and rapid access granted by smartphones and other user interfaces. This article will go through the range of cameras, doorbell and motion sensors that are making homes particular safe in the 21st century.

The first and most obvious smart device that deters and records suspicious activity is the smart camera that come in varieties that suit both indoor and outdoor environments. The process of mounting, installing and operating smart cameras is far easier than a traditional home CCTV system. These wireless cameras are triggered by either motion or audio detection (depending on what model you have) and record snippets of video footage that is stored via the cloud. This cloud storage is normally free with most brands of smart cameras.

Outdoor security cameras remain inactive until triggered which effectively reduces energy consumption significantly and allows batteries to last months on end without a recharge. Arlo is a brand that leads the smart outdoor security camera market offering the best of features available today. Their devices such as the Arlo, Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 have the very latest and best features such as night vision, wide field of vision and HD recording. These cameras also have two way audio features that allow you talk to anyone on your premises, whether it be guest to a party, a delivery man or a suspicious individual. All of this is accessible on the Arlo app. Read more on Arlo and other cameras at YourSmartHomeGuide.

Motion detectors that are connected to a smart siren are a safe bet of security measure in a modern. Depending on your individual home circumstances and whether you have motion detecting cameras, you may or may not want to get motion detectors. Bosch have a decent stake in the smart motion detector market. What makes a good motion detector is one that can see the difference between real threats and fake ones. Bosch motion detectors use cutting edge infrared technology to distinguish humans from animals. This means your cat will not set off your alarm, but an unwelcome visitor will.

Next up in the smart home security checklist you have video doorbells. Most burglars strike in the day when residents are at work and use the front doorbell as a check to see if anyone is in. The video doorbell lets you access a camera on the front door of your home and view the live feed at any time, talk to anyone who is there and receive live push notifications depending on if any activity is detected on your front porch.

These devices are incredibly effective because of a burgulars tendency to ring the front doorbell. It is also easy to share access and allow other family members. You can also open the door if it is suitable in the circumstances presented. The leader of this industry is Ring, the pioneer of smart videodoobells.

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