How to Create a Squeeze Page

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Create A Squeeze Page

What the hell is a squeeze page?

Tech and Trends:- This is also known as an opt-in page, lead generation page, landing page, lead capture page, lead magnet page or a splash page.

Why is this page so important?

In short, it’s your main money maker. This is your new baby (that baby above is one ugly child) and you better give it the extra attention it needs. Better conversions potentially lead to more money in your pocket. Your squeeze page is a webpage with a very basic layout that entices people to sign up to your list in exchange for the free product you’re giving away. When I mean a basic layout, it really consists of the bare minimum including some text and some graphics. Usually, the page will have some sort of image of the product and/or video about the product as well as some headlines and sub-headlines. You can also include a few bullet points that list how your free product will benefit your subscribers.

Most importantly, you want the opt-in form embedded on your page. The opt-in form is where people will enter their email address and their name (optional) to access the free product you’re promoting.

Simplicity is the key to an awesome squeeze page. The goal is to get your page to look clean, yet inviting and to get a 40% or more conversion rate. You can always split test and buy solo ads to test the conversion rate of your squeeze page. Now that you know what goes into a well-designed, effective squeeze page, how do you create one?

You can create one from scratch using HTML, Javascript, PHP, etc. and customize it accordingly with all the bells and whistles. But why? Creating one from scratch is the more difficult route and it takes a lot more time to code and set the page up. However, it is up to your discretion whether you want to go this route or not. For those that aren’t adept at coding or are technologically challenged, there is another option.

This is the most user-friendly option out there. With WordPress, the choices and features for creating squeeze pages are endless. All it takes is for you to download a theme of your choice and install it in just a few clicks. Simple and saves a ton of time.

What are some of the top squeeze page theme options?

  1.  Profits Theme
  2.  OptimizePress

Those two are the top paid options that offer a ton of other great features. You can also go ahead and use Google to find some templates you can install on WordPress like:

  • Squeeze Pages Creator
  • WordPress Squeeze Page
  • Squeeze Theme
  • Flex Squeeze
  • Squeeze Page City
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