Eve Ionizer Power Bank-A Unique Air Purifier and Portable Charger

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EVE ionizer power bank

Tech and Trends:- Smartphones and smart devices have made us so dependent on them that we cannot think our life without these, even for one second. These devices has made our life more exciting, they allow you to play unlimited game, download videos and songs, text messages and even send and receive emails. These gadgets have become a part of our daily life. What if, the power of these gadgets gets drained out, just the middle of an important conversation or meeting or when you are travelling somewhere. Portable power banks are the perfect solution to this problem.

A brief outlook of EVE Ionizer Power bank:

Efficient Area: efficient area of this product is 107sq.ft. This means that you can charge your devices and various electronic gadgets like phones and iPods within this range, which most of the other power banks fails to provide.

CADR Rating: CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. This is only given to the products which purifies or filters the air. This power bank is also an air purifier and hence this rate is very essential. This rate denotes that how powerful it is to filter the air. CADR rate of this device is 80 which mean it is great air purifiers and filters the air very fast.

Air Flow Rate: Air Flow Rate of this device is 25m3/h.

Anion: It generates about 2million ppm anions, which helps to filter the air and remove the bacteria from it.

Rated voltage: rated voltage offered by the device is USB/DC 5 v

Rated Power: power supplied by this device is 0.6 w

EVE ionizer power bank is a portable power bank along with an air purifier. It not only supplies power to the electronic devices at the time of emergency, but also clans the air surrounding us. The design of the device is so good that it can fits anywhere.

Advantages of using power banks:

Here are few advantages of using a power bank for your electronic devices:


In simple words it is a charger which you can carry along with you for emergency purposes. You can carry this power bank in your office and also at your holiday destination, so that you don’t face problems like dead cell phones.

Carries very high power:

The device has the efficiency to carry huge amount of power. Therefore you can use this device number times for charging your phone and various other electronic gadgets. Even if you are out for a four to five days trip, this portable power bank will help support you in case of emergencies.

Universal charger:

This is one of the best qualities of the product. It serves as a universal charger. In simpler words, it is compatible to all kinds of electronic devices. You can charge all kinds of phones, tabs, iPods etc with the help of this power bank.

Reasonable price:

This device is so good and helpful that one can spend lots of money behind this. But the great news is that it does not cost much. It is available in market at much affordable prices, and does not create much pressure on your wallet.

This device is excellent for charging your electronic gadgets like phones, iPods and tabs. The innovative designs of this device make it easier for the users. They can easily place the device in a small area.

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