Advantages Of Cloud Hosting

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Tech and Trends:- Any business that has started a website has a few options in front of them for the hosting. Some of these options are very complex, such as running a server from scratch. Other options are much less of a hassle, such as cloud hosting.

Hosting Options

Unless a company has grown so much that it is ready for its own self-sustaining IT department, there is no reason to consider running a server from scratch. The fact is that the cost alone is not worth the trouble. The internet connection by itself costs more than ten times that of a virtual or cloud hosted server arrangement. At the other end of the spectrum is using the hosting that comes from the domain register. While this is convenient, there are often many limitations and issues that come up with these servers.


That leaves a few different hosting options. A dedicated server is basically the equivalent of having a server of your own without having to worry about networking. The cost is usually slightly less than running your own server. However, for businesses that don’t need customization or a high level of control over their servers, dedicated hosting is often more complicated and expensive than it is worth.That leaves the options of virtual dedicated servers and cloud servers. Virtual dedicated servers or virtual private servers (VPS) act much like a dedicated server or a standalone server in terms of functionality. However, virtual private servers are easier to configure and manage. This means that they are less expensive than traditional dedicated servers and are easily customization to the specific needs of a business, which reduces administrative IT costs.

An even easier hosting option is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting has become more and more popular, and there are a variety of companies out there who offer cloud hosting and cloud computing services.

Cloud Hosting

A major advantage of cloud systems over virtual servers is that the workload is handled in a more efficient manner. This results in a pricing system that changes as the needs of your business change. Imagine your website regularly gets 1,000 visits per day. If your company launches a new advertising campaign or gets a mention on a big news site, the daily visits to your website could triple, double or quadruple overnight. A dedicated or virtual server may not have the immediate capacity to handle the extra traffic, and simply fail to serve the website. However, cloud hosting was designed to be scalable and provide on-demand service, meaning that it can handle fluctuations in website traffic with ease. In addition, cloud hosting is often an economical option for many businesses, because you only pay for the resources used, rather than paying a flat fee for the resources you anticipate to use in a given timeframe.

If you want a hosting system for your website that keeps up with your needs and grows as your business grows, then cloud hosting is the way to go. The price efficiency, scale and usability of cloud hosting make it the ideal choice for businesses who want an easy-to-use, reliable hosting solution.

Robert Wallace is a business technology consultant who works with businesses to help them streamline their business technology processes and IT systems.

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