Never Go For Free Web Hosting if You to Earn Money Online

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Avoid Free Webhosting

Tech and Trends:- One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of web hosting today is the concept of free hosting services. Before we get into the details, let us understand this world of free hosting services. There are a number of hosting companies, which offer free web hosting. These companies are extremely popular and have a high number of traffic from across the world. Some of the primary reasons for their popularity are:

  • Easy to design
  • Free hence no need to pay
  • Can make as many pages as you want

However, what most people do not realize is that they are only limiting themselves by using such services. Now, you must be wondering how an unlimited service can restrict you. There are certain items we barely pay attention to when we use the free web hosting services.

Avoid Free Webhosting

In order to understand the disadvantages better, we need to look at it from a futuristic point of view. Whenever someone starts a website or a blog, what is their primary aim? The answer is simple. The aim is to get people to read the blog and thus generate revenue via traffic. If it is a website, the aim is to get people to visit and make a purchase.

Now in order to achieve either objective, you will have to start marketing the blog or website. However, when you market a blog or website made using a free hosting service, the name displayed will be the hosting server’s name and then your blog or website. Hence, people will see something like blog.

Whenever, people see such a name, they understand that a free web hosting service has been used. On the other hand, if you have a dedicated name like “” it will portray a much more professional look to the person who searches for content related to you.

The next aspect is the design. Check out the design of a professionally designed website and one designed using the tools of free hosting services. The free hosting services use a set of pre-defined templates. These templates have improved over the years to replicate the design of paid hosting services.

However, the fact remains that multiple users will use the same designs, thus making the design of your page redundant. In contrast, a professionally designed website will never borrow designs and every website and blog will be completely unique.

The third aspect is revenue. Have you ever heard of anyone earning revenue from a free web hosting service or gratis web-hosting-tjeneste as it is known in Danish? The only people who earn revenue are the people who own the service. This is done by placing advertisements on the free websites and blogs. These advertisements may not be related to your content and they may be related to another website or blogger who may even be in competition with you. However, if you have your own domain, all the revenues will be transferred directly to you. You can also control the advertisements that appear on your blog or website.

Hence, when you have serious intentions about your website or blog, it is always advisable, if not mandatory, to choose a paid hosting provider.

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