How to Keep Dirt, Dust and Grime Away From Your Brand New PS4

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Brand New PS4

Information Technology Blog:- You probably spent a lot of money in acquiring your brand new PlayStation 4. Now that you’re prepared for endless hours of gaming, have you taken the important steps necessary to protect your console from the dirt, grime and moisture that could potentially damage your device over the long haul? One recent user that complained that while he loved his PS4, the device attracted dirt like a magnet.

PS4 skins are produced and sold by a number of companies. There are a number of factors to consider before deciding which skins are best for you. One thing to consider before you start applying anything with adhesive properties to your console is whether or not any adhesive residue will be left on the console when the time comes to remove the skins. In order to eliminate the risk of damaging your console with adhesive residue, using skins made only of official 3M vinyl is recommended.

Brand New PS4

Not only will the PS4 attract dust and grime but the very nature of gaming normally results in sweaty hands. This sweat will often transfer to the controllers and the console. This will result in discoloration of the case and possible damage to the device in the long term should the moisture reach the internal electronics.

There are also other outlets that recommend the use of skins not only for the protection of your device, but for the additional benefit of being able to customize your new PS4 with a look that is more in line with your own sense of personal style.

Once you have selected the official 3M vinyl skins for use on your console, don’t forget about the controllers. The controllers will invariably suffer the most abuse during the years of future play. Skins are available for your controllers as well and, just as with the console, using skins made of official 3M vinyl will ensure that no adhesive residue is left behind when the time comes to remove the skins. When you have identified potential suppliers for your skins, your final question before making a purchase decision should be “how well will the skins fit”? Only skins that are precision crafted from reputable companies for your specific devices will do (check out dbrand online). One size fits all will not only fail to provide the necessary protection, but might also interfere with your gaming experience.

Finally, once you have purchased your ps4 skins, remember to ensure that your devices are cleaned properly before installing them. Precision crafted 3M vinyl skins will help in adding years of exciting game play to your new PlayStation 4 by protecting the console from nasty dirt, dust and grime.

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