Advanced Web Development Interdisciplinary Skills Needed From A Developer

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Tech and Trends:- Have you ever thought how Facebook and YouTube were developed? Imagine these two famous websites are not the usual 4-page website you see around on the net. They are more than just that. Each of them is developed for a different purpose.

Facebook is a social networking site while YouTube is a video uploading and sharing website. This is where advanced web development takes into the picture. It creates this new field that web developers can explore, create new websites, challenge their capabilities as to how much and how far they can stretch out their creativity.

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The two mentioned websites might look like an easy website to navigate but developing each of the sites entails long hours of briefing, drafting, creating a mock website, beta-testing, etc. just to perfect the website. The best part of it all, these websites keep on updating itself by adding new features without putting a halt to the access of the website. Say for instance, the adding of Google ads on videos on YouTube, this feature was added without tampering the usual activities of the users, closing down their accounts, and open new website with new domain in order to implement the update.

This is where advanced web development skills take into the picture. This can not be done by using the basic. It takes more than that. To give you an idea about the skills and more, read on:

The following are the interdisciplinary skills needed from a developer for advanced web development:

  • Flash (i.e. audio, animation, scripting and video)
  • Web applications deployment, development and integration
  • Web content management system
  • Project management
  • Web code optimization (used for SEO)
  • Web security testing and analysis
  • Web server testing
  • Graphic User Interface

Every now and then, there will always be new platforms, tools, or software created to make web development a lot easier and be in tuned with the modern world. Do not be surprise if you see different kinds of web development products and services sprouting like mushrooms on the Internet. These are but normal.

Take note if a web developer has the above-mentioned skills, his professional fee will rise up. It is because not all web developers are harnessed and have their skills fully developed or updated. It would be rare to meet a developer who got all these skills. Thus, if you are thinking of having a new concept be put to reality in a form of a website, be sure to hire nothing but the best. In this way, you can be assured of you will be getting top quality services and achieve your desired output.

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