3 Shooting Apps Any New Shooting Hobbyist Should Have

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If you are new to shooting guns, you are probably wondering if there are any apps out there that can help you become a better marksman. As with almost anything these days, of course there are!

Below are some examples of great shooting apps that you should be aware of as you explore the variety out there.

  1. Ballistic

Ballistic is one of the more famous apps amongst shooters. It is quite expensive compared to other apps but it is also quite an elaborate and feature rich app.

The app allows you to input a lot of data including:

  • The type of bullet and the gun you are using,
  • The distance and angle of your target and
  • Data from your environment such as wind speed, temperature and air pressure

This data is very important to a shooter. Once you input this data into the app, the app is able to do some calculations and suggest the best trajectory for the shot and the drop of the bullet over the specific distance.

This app is great because it can give you the data that you need in order to become a skillful marksman. In fact, this app will give you the habit of being able to estimate all the above factors, which will make you a more skillful shooter.

  1. Inteliscope

This app makes use of your phones hardware in order to give you the convenience of being able to use available tools.

The app uses your phone’s:

  • Camera to zoom into targets and also gives you a crosshair on the target,
  • Camera flash to provide light for a better view of your target.
  • The app also makes use of other data that your phone collects such as temperature, wind, direction, audio and video. The app also includes a ballistic calculator.

If you want to enjoy the best experience from this app, you will need to buy an adapter in order to mount it on your gun for a great experience.

  1. Guns

This app is great for two main purposes:

  • The app contains a large database of guns that you can test, allowing you to get an idea of guns you would prefer and
  • It provides you with a wide sample of guns that you can have a look at and choose to buy.

Each gun renders in the app in a realistic way to give you a true reflection of how the real thing will look like. If you need to buy a gun that you will take to the range, this app will give you a good starting place to choose from a wide selection.

If the guns in the app are not a wide enough selection for you, be sure to find more variety at www.shooting.org.

The apps mentioned above are just a few examples of apps that are available for those serious about their shooting hobby. However, don’t let the apps distract you from your actual hobby; remember that they are just tools that can help you improve on the skill. At the end of the day, practice is the best way to improve your skill as a shooter.

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