Aiming to become a Blogging Guru? Here are Some Advanced Blogging Fundamentals

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Tech And Trends :- Why is everyone blogging today? Statistics indicate that 70% of internet users learn about brands from articles and not ads. Nielsen in a study observed that 67% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post. With over 2.9 billion people on the internet, blogs are eminently important in ensuring you interact with your target clients.

Examining Blogging Principles

While everyone seems to have a blog, not all are visible. Your website might be immensely popular but if your blog is not contributing to this you need to learn blogging fundamentals. Here are some advanced principles you need to appreciate:

  • Optimize on multimedia: While experts emphasize multimedia for websites, not many bloggers use the same. You should use eye-catching photos and graphics, transcribe your videos and webinars or produce a podcast and distribute it.
  • Delete old articles that do not rank: When posts are more than 2 years old, they rarely rank and thus give little link equity. If you still consider them important, you can reduce their impact on link equity. The best option is to no-index them.
  • Flatten your blog’s architecture: While website gurus argue for deep sites, blog architecture is different. This is because a deep site means some content is not prominent as engine crawlers recognize higher level pages more. A flat site hierarchy ensures your content ranks highly and remains relevant for longer.
  • Spread out your link equity: Re-linking all your pages is now easy as you can use WordPress plug-ins for automated internal linking. If one article has more backlinks linking to another one with less, it is easier for both to rank highly.
  • No-index unimportant pages: Your blog might have a Terms of Service page but it does not need to link. You just need to modify your robots.txt file by disallowing.
  • Crucial role of keywords: Your keywords determine your ranking. They are so critical that they must appear on the title tag preferably at the beginning. This is one key principle you learn on how to start your own blog and how you must apply it effectively.
  • Reciprocal links add no value: You might have made an agreement with another page but remember the link equity value you get is as much as you give. The ideal move here is to kill these links, as a ‘no follow’ would amount to a gray hat move, which is not professional.
  • You get as much as you give: The concept of giving and receiving applies in blogging. In essence, make yourself visible through guest posting and link-building. Invite other bloggers to guest post on your page.

While these are the fundamentals of blogging, actualizing them is not as easy. It presents a learning process that never ends. You have to keep familiarizing yourself about blogging techniques. With new social platforms coming up, there is development of many more sharing techniques and your knowledge will come in handy.

Still struggling with traffic on your blog? Get down to the basics and enjoy the ride.

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