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Blogging is a way of life for most of us and all of us love to read blogs on various niches. If you are a blogger whether for business or for pleasure, you must have seen and read hundreds of blogs by now. Designing matters a lot when creating a blog even though content is still the king. Yes, there are available some very beautiful readymade themes in WordPress to start your blog but there is still a lot you can do to make your blog stand out and look pretty.

Blog readers expect some value for the time they invest to read your articles. This they get in the form of entertainment and information that you provide. They also expect you to be consistent in terms of quality. If there are errors or if the blogger just promotes products of affiliates, readers slowly move away to another blog. However, let us just concentrate upon creating a better design to attract new readers for your blog and to retain the old ones.

Colors and design

Choose colors and fonts that make your blog visually appealing and attractive. Keep the target audience in mind when choosing the color scheme and the font. For example, if you blog is about gadgets and computers, you can take liberty and choose a design that is high tech but if nit is about ladies health or beauty, you have to focus upon a design that is more beautiful visually.

Smooth and easy navigation

Keep navigation to all parts of your website as easy and smooth as possible. Make navigation noticeable and simple so that your readers know where to click to switch between categories. If your readers can explore the blog easily, it becomes easier to keep them on your blog for a little longer.

Place an interesting footer

Many people think of footer as unnecessary as they believe no one bothers to take a look at the bottom of the blog but they are wrong. You can give a nice experience to the readers by asking for suggestions and giving useful inks at the bottom in addition to providing other information about the blog.

Feature that allows readers to get to previous and next articles

If you think you write compelling content, you can ask the readers to stay back on the blog and read some more of your interesting articles by giving them a chance to go straight to your next and previous posts. If you think they enjoyed reading a post, they would definitely be wanting for more from you.

Small bio about you at the end of the post

It gives a personal touch to the readers when they see a small photo and a few lines about you at the end of the post.

Make effective use of images

Adapt the images that you use in your blog posts to fit in the empty spaces in the best possible manner. This ensures a personality for your blog and makes it good look for the readers.

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