Why Every Musician Needs Their Own Blog

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Blogging is a good means of keeping your fans connected to you, and keeping them up to date with song/album releases and upcoming shows. A blog enables you’re fans to get backstage with you and gives them a window into your life so that they can get what you’re about as a person and a musician.

This is an even more useful tool if your music is political, anti-war, religious, atheist or tries to spread any kind of message for that matter. People who share your life philosophy will naturally gravitate towards your music, providing it’s their kind of genre of course, but people with similar philosophies tend to have a similar taste in art.

Blogging paired with social media gives you an excellent podium with which to extend the reach of your music and syndicate your blogs all over the Internet. Start by selecting a domain name and then find a hosting account that’s a good fit for you – http://www.f1webchallenge.com/hosting/fatcow-review/

These days relying on social media alone is a very bad move because let’s face it, most of your friends from school really don’t care about your music, probably don’t share your views and probably just consume whatever generic boring music that they are force fed by the national radio stations, mass media and by the corrosive stain on society that is Simon Cowel and the X-factor.


Starting a blog is also a great way of creating a historical archive of your career, and as a means of looking back at the things you have done, the shows you played and the musical influences at the time of writing. Blogs can catch the attention of search engines and given that it is now a lot harder to generate a viable income through music sales and shows alone, blogging can be a productive way to generate a little more income.

Along with this blogging is a great way to receive feedback on your music, this is very important for a musician’s development. People, especially musicians, know what they want to hear; this is why every musician in 2014 really should start their own blog.

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