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When you own a business, you need a way for employees to keep track of the time that they work. Employee time clocks are an ideal way for making sure the time worked is recorded properly. An automated system is often the best solution as it doesn’t involve cards that are punched and could possibly get lost. When employees arrive at work, they can enter an identification number or name into the system. The time of arrival is recorded. The employee would do the same thing when taking a lunch break and when leaving for the day. The times are automatically tracked, making it easier to calculate the number of hours worked through the week. Companies like Allied Time make various types of systems and clocks that are easy to use in almost any business.

FingerCheck-Punch-Alerts-Let-Employees-and-Managers-Know-About-Abnormal-PunchesOne advantage of an automated system is that it can help solve discrepancies if an employee has handwriting that isn’t legible. Some employees might try to make one number look a few different ways in order to get more money on a check. When the employee uses an automated system, it takes away from the questions about what time is supposed to be used. If the proper time is recorded, then it will give a paycheck that is accurate instead of one that is questionable. The system will calculate the hours and pay rate as well as the amount of taxes that need to be taken out of the check. If there are any other deductions that need to be made, then the system can see these and take off the money from the check.

unnamedAnother advantage of an automated system is that it can help with the fairness of time recorded by some employees. Unfortunately, there are some who want to try to take a few extra minutes at lunch or who might want to leave work a little early but want to write in a later time. The automated system will record the proper times so that all employees receive fair pay. This will also monitor employees who do try to arrive late to work or leave early. Those who abide by the regulations of the work hours can be rewarded in some cases.

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