Basic Knowledge about Web Hosting Services

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Web Hosting Services

Web hosting services provide bandwidth and space on high-powered server connected to high-speed internet. These large networks of high-power web servers are maintained at a physical location called data centre.

The data centers are equipped with primary and backup electricity, high-speed internet connection and security monitoring staff.

How it works?

The web host offers a portion of available bandwidth and space to customers on monthly charges. After signing up, the customer uploads file in their personal space allocated on the server.

This information can be now accessed across the internet. The charges of hosting companies are very less in comparison to the cost of installing, operating and maintaining your own data centre.

The web host takes care of the software, hardware and technical issues for you.

Web Hosting Services

Types of hosting services

There are plenty of web hosting services, but the main two types include –

  1. Shared web hosting services
  2. Dedicated web hosting services

Shared web hosting – In shared hosting, you have to share disk space, bandwidth and other resources with other website.

It is an inexpensive option and this is the reason why it is popular. It is suitable for those websites that have less daily visitors.

Dedicated web hosting – It is a potent and cost-effective hosting solution for busy sites because they do not have to purchase expensive equipments nor pay hundreds of dollar for fast internet connection.

You are the sole user of that server. With no compromise on speed, your visitors can get the best user-experience.

Things to consider in web hosting plan

Price – Price is one of the vital factors in hosting decisions. Many hosting providers are offering extremely cheap packages, but can lack in other facilities.

Several web hosts provide high prices, but the features will be good. So, don’t let the price influence your decision.

Disk space – web host provides physical storage space to store your files. Disk spaces are being offered in gigabytes and megabytes.

Select the plan with storage space that suits your need. Basically, the more space provided the better.

Bandwidth – Even the bandwidth amount make a large difference. With more bandwidth, you can support more web traffic on your website as your business develops.

Customer services – Many hosting companies provide 24/7 support to solve your website issue, but some are unresponsive, which means loss of income. Therefore, make certain that the provider you choose responds anytime.

Operating systems – Majority of websites run on Linux operating system because it is more stable in comparison to Windows.

Backup – Reliable web hosting provider has a regular agenda for data backup on all web servers.

Control panel – It is the contact point between the website owner’s computer and the host server equipment connected via internet.

The web-hosting provider offers an easy to use and well-organized control panel interface.

Email – Web hosts are aware that email is essential for communication, so they offer more space to hold messages.

Uptime – No company offers 100% uptime. It is impossible because of software, hardware and power failures. Avoid the company that marks 99.5%.

Statistics – Statistic software package allows webmaster to read how many visitors visited, from where, how long they stayed and how much bandwidth they used. It helps to improve website performance from viewers point.

FTP – File Transfer Protocol can rapidly download and upload many files. Many web hosts allow their clients to access their hosting accounts through FTP.

You need to spend time learning and getting insight about web hosting. Reading the above article, you have gained the basic knowledge about the jargons to see in a hosting package. For more guidance click here

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