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Most of us travel around to different places, sometimes within the country and other times even abroad. Certain work demands a lot of travel. Unlike the olden times things are different now and technology has grown a lot lately. Mobile phones have become a source of any information.

In this article we are going to discuss all the apps that you can get downloaded for your android phone which would prove quite useful for all your business travels.

Android Apps

  • 1.   Navigation maps Apps

When you are driving to a new location in the country for a meeting you will need to know the routes. Unlike olden times you don’t need to stop to ask for directions. You can just download one of the many GPS navigation apps which just require you to enter the location name to give you directions both with and without voice. Some of the top navigation apps are Map quest, my tracks, Map factor and Google maps.

  • 2.   Flight tracker Apps

Traveling by flight has become quite a common affair for many business men and employees. To book your tickets, check ticket prices, keep a track of your flight times, airport location, and to alert you on delays or change of flights many flight tracker apps are available on android. The top flight tracker apps are Trip tracker, Flight track and Gate Guru

  • 3.   Currency converter Apps

An important app for every business traveller, these money converter apps easily and quickly convert any sum of money that you need to know from any currency in the world to any other currency. This will greatly help save time in doing your self-conversion calculations. Some of the top money converter apps are Currency converter, All currency, Currency and Easy currency converter.

  • 4.   World clock Apps

Well not a revolutionary idea but a very handy app for all those frequent on the job travellers. This can save space and time for you by just downloading one app rather than saving each country clock you require on your phone. The app will give out the local time at any place of your choice. TSF clock, Bob’s World clock, World clock and Widget are some of the top apps in this category.

  • 5.   Hotel booking and info Apps

Wherever you may be travelling tom, you would need a place to stay. Now finding a good hotel for your comfort and booking a room have become very simple with hotel booking apps. All you need to do is enter desired location or a hotel name and details of booking will be displayed. Some of the top hotels booking apps are Hotel deals, Expedia Hotels, Trip advisor hotels and Hotel tonight.

  • 6.   WIFI finder Apps

When you just reach a new place you may need some time before you can get an internet connection and for those very short trips you may not even be able to get one. Locating WIFI hotspots around your present locality is very essential. A WIFI locator can do this job for you. The top WIFI locator apps are WIFI finder, Skype WIFI and WIFI maps.

Which ones do you value the most?

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