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Tech and Trends:- Choosing a social media platform (or platforms) can be a daunting task. Immediately one might think of the big three: Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, but those are not the only options and consideration should be made when selecting a forum for the business. There are quite a few different options, and it is important to make a wise decision and an awesome presence online. When pondering which one, it is imperative to think about what audience is trying to be reached, as most of these platforms do reach different audiences.

LinkedIn is a solid site for networking business contacts. It is a no-nonsense, straightforward medium that allows the user to make contacts through their contacts in the business world. As far as a professional look, LinkedIn is probably the best option just because it is utilized for only business networking. However, if the business that is to be put out on a social media platform is demographically geared towards a female audience, Pinterest might just be a better option. They have the largest following of female users out of all the social media sites and a nice forum for any business to make their presence. Facebook is the largest of all the platforms, and thus has the largest audience to be reached. However, most users of Facebook are there for casual use, and the business might not see the kind of traffic desired.

Overall, LinkedIn is most comprehensive, business networking minded site. In most cases it would be a solid option for any type of business. Other sites may be more desirable based on demographics for certain companies, but as far as a medium where the business can connect with other businesses, LinkedIn offers the most. It is vital to make sure that if the business is planning on taking on more than one social media platform, that they are all done well and consistent throughout. It is better to have one fabulous forum for firms rather than three or four “iffy” ones that do not represent the company well.

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