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Best Downloading Destination

Information Technology Blog:- Yes it is! This is like a one stop solution for your downloading off all genres and it is just a click away from you. Pirate Bay is not only efficient but also gives you super fast downloading privilege so that you don’t have to sit for hours on end to get any movie or song downloaded. Interesting isn’t it? This podium enables you to get loads of applications as well. TPB is a website that provides magnet links so that file sharing can be improved well. In accordance with the present records, it is regarded as one of the most visited and thus most popular torrent directories of the World Wide Web till date, and thanks to its availability of wide range of varieties and efficient navigation system.

ThePirateBay was established in the year 2001 at November by the Swedish anti copyright organization Pirate Byran and has been running successfully till date.

Best Downloading Destination

Projects that this Site is Indulging in:

The team behind this has been indulged in working on a lot of software and other websites as well. In 2007 Bayimg, an image-hosting website went up and was hosted online. Thereafter as the android stuff became trendy, the site started working on various interesting applications that were favorable for a lot of platforms like blackberry, iphone, android, etc.

Many types of widgets like the Mac Dashboard ones came up with its help too. In almost the same time Slops box, which is a disposable email address anti spam service came into view in December, which was again reviewed in the year 2009. A number of modifications of each and every kind of applications and projects are done so that regularly they are updated according to the general needs of the people.

In 2009, Pastebay, a note sharing service similar to the Pastebim was put up for the benefit of public and it gained popularity too. In the year 2011, came the turn of events as this site announced as the promo bay where not only songs and videos but also books will be given for promotion and downloading. Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho was the first one to promote his writings here and since then people has been coming to this site for e books.

Website setup:

This site uses reference sources available for downloading via peer-to-peer sharing and downloading in the desired format and content. This also contain metadata to download small files and they work efficiently too. The download torrents are organized in a manner that the navigation becomes much easier and are categorized into stuffs like audio, games, video, applications, etc.

ThePirateBay also features a browse function that allows users to see what all are included in the broad categories of videos and applications so that they can choose their desired content at ease. In accordance to the Pirate Byran, it is a long running project of performance art and the best thing about it is that along with every content you can see the number of lechers, seeders, date posted etc.

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