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InstaCloudTech and Trends:- InstaCloud, a hosting service by Herolocity offers the feature to transfer from another hosting provider in one simple click – in real-time. Users who are looking for a new alternative to their hosting can now transfer to InstaCloud with no technical experience just by answering a few simple questions. Compared to other hosting providers which require a ticket to be opened with a 24-48 hour wait time and no guarantee of the transfer being compatible with their hosting platform. Herolocity makes the process of bringing your website to their InstaCloud hosting service a whole lot easier. While some hosting accounts bring large amounts of data to the table, the innovational one click transfer feature seems to be able to cope with large amounts of data and even large MYSQL database structures based on our test run of a hosting account with 64GB of disk usage.

1 Click Transfer

Some useful features of the 1 Click Transfer

  • Clean and simple user experience with only one step, something that meets simplicity from a business owner’s standpoint.
  • Allows a user to transfer from a hosting provider with no limits of how much data is being transferred with 100% accuracy.
  • Offers the option of a manual review by Herolocity Support after the transfer is completed for those who are a bit hesitant.
  • Currently it only supports transferring from Linux hosting providers using the cPanel control panel, although we contacted Herolocity to see what the future may bring:

“Hi Jeff,

Thank you for contacting Herolocity Support.

At the moment the one click transfer feature only supports transferring from a hosting provider that uses the cPanel control panel. While the feature is well supported with continuous updates, additional control panels will be supported in the near future.”

Overall, Herolocity brings a stress free user experience to users who are frustrated with their existing hosting provider and are looking for an alternative.

An Overview of InstaCloud

From a rather unique standpoint, InstaCloud caters their hosting service to small business owners which explains the one click transfer feature, although it’s safe to assume that larger businesses and power-hungry websites can rely on InstaCloud’s hosting platform alongside the exhaustive amount of “enterprise” features they offer.

Here’s a sneak peak:

  • High website availability since your hosting account is hosted within a cloud of servers in multiple datacenters rather than one single server.
  • No pre-set limit for website data or traffic. Websites hosted with InstaCloud grow within the cloud on demand.
  • Streamlines your website on InstaCloud’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) and additional features from CloudFlare which help keep your website fast and safe on the web.
  • An easy to use industry-standard control panel powered by cPanel and enterprise email services with its own SPAM filtering technology.­­­­


Whether you’re hosting a small business website or a power-hungry e-commerce application, InstaCloud proves to have the capability to keep up with even the most intensive tasks while having the flexibility to grow in the cloud. Having experts by your side when you run into bumps or have questions is a must and Herolocity keeps up with friendly support staff available 24/7 via phone, live chat and email. Take InstaCloud for a test run with a free 30 day trial and experience the power of a cloud at the tip of your fingertips for the price of a shared hosting account.

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