How Technology Changed our Lives

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Technology is everywhere these days. However, when you think of technology, you likely think of the internet and smartphones, but it is much more than that. Technology is all the innovations and tools that humans have used since the invention of the wheel. The wheel has had an amazing impact and a lasting legacy. More recent inventions have been similar. Think about electricity. Where would we be without that? Even more recently, though, are those things that you probably think about first and really associate with technology.

All these technological innovations have changed the world. They have made life easier and in many cases improved the quality of life. There is no doubt that the wheel and electricity are things we wouldn’t want to live without. Looking at the more modern innovation of the internet, though, we can really see how deeply our lives are impacted by technology.


The internet and all of its associated technology have really revolutionized banking and the management of finances. People can easily make a few swipes and taps on their smartphone and have access to their bank account right in the palm of their hands. Bills are paid automatically. Depositing money is made simple. Technology has really transformed the idea of handling banking. No longer do people have to wait in long lines. The idea of carting around a bunch of cash has even gone by the wayside as many people use digital currency and debit cards more often.


The internet has also changed employment. Many people can now work at home. Call centers are often quick to jump on the at-home work pool because it reduces costs. Companies don’t have to maintain a physical location to house a large call center. Workers can log into systems from home and work right from their own houses.

In addition, there have been plenty of new jobs, like content writing and website creation, that allow people to earn money through creating online content. Many of these people also can work at home. However, even those who don’t, are working in a field that never existed before, so there are many new jobs out there thanks to technology.


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The impact of technology on the way we communicate has been huge. Cell phone communication has everyone connected all the time. Years ago, people used to have to worry about their car breaking down and having to walk miles to find a phone. Now, they simply pull their cell phone out and call for help.

Social media has been a major advancement in communication thanks to technology. It allows people to stay connected and more involved in each other’s lives. It brings people together in a way that was never available before. Today, old high school classmates can stay current on each other’s lives without having to wait for a reunion to see how everyone is doing. Families who live miles apart can even chat through video chats, so they don’t miss anything that is happening in their loved one’s lives.

Health Care

Even health care has seen changes thanks to technology. Medical professionals are more connected as a community, so they are able to share information and knowledge to bring better treatments to patients. Patients can access doctors online so they don’t have to even go into the office. New developments, like 3D printed organs, are on the horizon and will have a major impact on life as we know it.


BroadbandLastly, there is entertainment. Technology has given a major boost to entertainment. People can watch television shows and movies on their smartphones. Access to the newest releases in music is available in a matter of seconds. No more rushing to the music store. A few clicks and you can have that new album from your favorite artist.

Gaming has been revolutionized, too. People can play games together even if they live a half a world apart thanks to live gaming programs. Even the lottery is changing with options to buy lotto tickets online like at theLotter. Entertainment has never been so accessible.

There is no doubt that technology has really changed the way we live. From the wheel to the internet, it has made a huge impact on life. Some things have been made easier, lives have been saved, people have reconnected and it’s all thanks to technology.

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