The Pros and Cons of Building your own Custom Gaming PC

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If you see yourself playing the latest and greatest PC games on max settings then you should have the equipment to match, and while you can purchase high-end computers from companies such as Lenovo and Alienware it is possible to build your own custom model. However people say building a PC from scratch isn’t for everyone but choosing what sort of custom PC you want doesn’t have to be a daunting task it just takes a little research, a bit of thinking about what your priorities are, and some decision making. But let’s go into it a bit more and discuss the pros and some of the cons of building your own custom PC and see where we stand then and if it’s a worthwhile option.

Well from the start one the positives of building your own custom PC is gaining knowledge, as you’ll have gained much better computer knowledge from hopefully researching every component you need, and in addition you’ll know how to replace things if they fail. Furthermore building your own custom PC allows for complete customisation and gives you the ability to upgrade the internal hardware whenever you please, something that cannot be done with most pre-built models. By doing this you can create a powerful desktop for less than those pricey high-end models, and ensuring you get exactly what you want and need.

Custom Gaming PC

One of the key reasons why people shy away from building their own custom PC though is warranty and tech support, however individual components come with their own warranty and as there cheaper to replace the manufactures warranty may last longer. But what you need to consider is that a preassembled PC comes with a warranty that covers all components, meaning they will help find the issue if there’s a problem, where as your custom build it’s on you if something goes wrong but that’s where your built up knowledge comes to play. Also alongside this there may come a time where individual parts you’ve bought are incompatible with other components, but again this is all about the learning process and making sure you research thoroughly when buying components otherwise you will overspend.

A major plus of building you own custom PC and something that might go unnoticed has to be the fact you’re not paying for software and features you’re never going to use. PC’S from big companies come in predetermined packages making them easier and cheaper to manufacture, which means you may be paying for features you don’t want. Alongside this computer manufactures often install software on their machines in an effort to differentiate themselves from competition, which leads to extra junk and storage space used when you get your machine.

Undoubtedly though one of the stand out cons is you have to do everything yourself, when you buy a PC everything comes preassembled all you have to do is install and configure the machine, if your piecing your own device together it will take time and effort. But if you’re willing and put the extra time, hassle and effort in you’ll get exactly what you want and need and potentially save money in the process and that’s why in the end I would always choose to build a custom PC.

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