How to Undelete Data on Mac OS X

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We all know how stable and reliable a mac machine or device is but as with any other electronic items, it is bound to fail sooner rather than later as its lifespan is rather limited. That is where you are going to need a good mac data recovery software that can be used to recover missing photos, videos, documents, audio, emails and more from your mac device.

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, not only can it be used to recover deleted files mac, but also from your USB drive, SD card, digital camera and so much more. At the end of it, it does give you the option to preview and selectively get back whatever you want.

And in just 3 simple steps, you are on your way for a full mac data recovery. In Step #1, you first start off by downloading the application and launch it on your mac computer. It is completely safe and will never cause any damage to your drives. Then you should proceed with starting a new scan and select the file types that you want to recover. You can choose from either Graphics, Document, Audio, Video Email, Archive or Other. By default it will select everything but then it will take a longer time to complete the mac data recovery process.


Then in Step #2, is for you to select which drives that you want to recover deleted files from. If you are looking to recover from your USB drive, SD card or digital camera; now is the time to connect your devices to your mac computer. Rather than letting the application scan your entire drives which will take longer time to complete, simply choose to scan from which device so the mac data recovery process can be completed much faster.

Finally in Step #3, you can preview, recover and save the files. With the preview feature, it lets you check the data quality in advance. So if it is a graphic file, you can even preview the thumbnail of the graphic. Once you are satisfied with your selection, then you can proceed with which files to proceed with the recover deleted mac files.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is very easy to use and in just three simple steps, you can perform a complete mac data recovery like a professional. The step-by-step guide and clean user interface means that you will be able to unlock the full potential of the data recovery application and proceed with recover deleted files mac. Within minutes you should be able to see the results as it takes away all your problems and live a normal life again.

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