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Many people use phones for music, calling, study, entertainment, and other purposes. Some of us use them much more than others. Head phones are, put simply, a listening device with a speaker system that can be worn on the head. Fortunately, in today’s technological era, it’s possible to have a headset without cables and wires.

Wireless headphones are cable free and connect to or communicate with a base unit, sometimes called a transmitter. The base plugs into your audio device (stereo, radio, computer, and so on), just as a normal headphone jack would. It then transmits waves to the headphone.

Wireless headphones have some advantages over traditional headphones. The first, obviously, is portability. Why limit yourself to one small area. Wireless headphones allow you go into the kitchen for a snack, or wander from room to room.


Wireless headphones eliminate distractions. They allow studying or working without disruption. Multiple students can listen separately or at their own pace in the classroom. Some wireless headphones allow you to control the volume on the headphone. This set of wireless headphones, for example, has an adjustable headband with ambient noise reducing earcups to help block out external distractions and keep students on task.

Wireless headphones allow you to communicate while driving. There are times when you can’t keep your cell phone down even when you are driving due to the importance of that particular call to you. In these situations, a wireless headset not only gives you the freedom to take important calls while driving but it also ensures that you are safe as it allows you to answer or make a call while your hands are still at steering wheels.

Wireless headphones allow you to enjoy your work, or study needs without disturbing others. You can enjoy your game and music as loud as you like without worrying about others tripping over your cords or being disturbed by your pretend gunfire or car racing, or German language instruction. You can watch TV or study in bed beside your partner without being disruptive. Your teenager can study without waking his brother.

A multipurpose infrared headphone can be used for monaural language-based activities. With a flip of a switch it can also be used for stereo based computer programs. Not only are some media players equipped with a built-in infrared transmitter (Infrared Music Maker Plus boombox, the Infrared Cassette Player), but they can also transmit from a classroom computer (Mac or Windows compatible) with a connected USB transmitter and extender (sold separately).

There is no limit to the number of listeners so long as they’re within the 20′ transmission range with a clear line of sight between the headphone and transmitter..Additional headphones can be purchased for group learning activities without the need for a second transmitter (HIR-TX1).

The bottom line is that there are many reasons that wireless headphones may be the best choice for your school, home office, or recreational use.

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