How To Make Your Nexus 4 Last Longer

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Information Technology Blog:- Sometimes it can be easy to forget just how technologically advanced smartphones actually are. The reality is that they’re valuable, complex, and most of all, fragile technologies which people carry with them every day. The fact that they’re so fragile and yet so haphazardly thrown around into pockets and purses is often a recipe for disaster. The combination of these factors tends to reduce the lifespan of smartphones, even one as powerful as the Nexus 4. However, there are ways to extend the lifespan of an Nexus 4, while also making it look great.

The answer comes down to something known as skins. The big problem with smartphones is that they’re designed to be as small as possible, and while this is great in theory, few people really want to lose major functionality just to get a millimeter of extra space; especially when the functionality being lost is as important as improved ability to survive falls or the kind of jostling that happens in one’s pocket. Skins, especially superior grade vinyl, are able to ensure that phones regain that extra level of protection.

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Basically, when a phone drops or it is subjected to something which could scratch it,the case will take the force onto itself instead of subjecting the fragile contents of the phone to the damage. Since the material in a case for a Nexus 4 is such high quality, this can dramatically extend the life of one’s phone. Even better, each skin is custom cut to the form of the individual devices for ultimate protection and personalization. The custom fit also ensures that easily damaged parts, such as the camera lens, will stay safe.

It’s not all about functionality though; part of the fun of these skins is that they also look great. Some individuals may think it stops there, but it’s also quite possible to customize the skins to your own preferences. This ability essentially takes a one-size-fits-all device like the Nexus 4, and turns it into a statement of individuality. One simply needs to determine the perfect material and colour; and really, the sky’s the limit. The available choices go far beyond a few different selections. All the colours of the rainbow are there to choose from, along with simulations of textures and designs which range all the way from titanium to leather and wood.

And that is, of course, another way to make theNexus 4 last longer. A phone that one really loves, and that feels like a part of one’s individual style will always be handled a bit more carefully. And of course in those instances when it isn’t, the strong durability of askin from a dependable manufacturer, like dbrandinc. (check them out at ensures that it’s protected from these types of damages.

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