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Tech and Trends:- The e-Market is expanding every day and every minute and managing business dealings and customers online is getting more intricate and complex than before. The advent of Tablet PCs and smartphones has contributed in a phenomenal increase in the web crowd, where users can access websites easily and speedily. These advancements have also resulted in a broader consumer network that is difficult to manage and upgrade, with greater menaces of spam and cyber crimes. Magneto, the PHP-based web management system, has been introduced for better managing the web traffic and monitoring users’ activities and their purchase history. A number of advantages and disadvantages have been observed with the implementation of the Magneto development system, some of which are listed as under:

Magneto Web Development

  • Multi-lingual Feature

Companies are now looking to target the global market crossing the barriers of language and cultural differences. English is though an international language; there are still a number of countries and regions where English is still alien to the native people. For this reason, companies have to market in the national language and not the international. The conventional way of dealing with this problem is to hire writers from different countries who can transform the English text into the other specified language, let say German. Thus, for change in detail no matter how small it is, a content writer has to be hired who can translate that change into the specified language. Now, if the Magneto system is deployed in web development, the need of hiring a translator every time will be eradicated as Magneto has the multi-lingual feature that automatically translates the text into a specific national language if the customer has login from a different country. This greatly saves the time and efforts of the company in aligning their global strategy.

  • User Friendly

Here the user is used in terms of the website administrator who has the task of managing all data and customer records. Though, the backend of the Magneto runs on the PHP coding, the frontend is pretty simple and does not require programming skills to manage website using Magneto. The user friendly administrator feature is a part of all older and new versions of the tool.

  • Not for Novices

The Magneto system is certainly not for novices as the environment uses tabs and follows links that requires the user to have basic programming knowledge or hands-on skills with other website management tools. Often, an administrator who will work on Magneto has to be given special training before hand in order to make him/her understand the basics of the system environment.

  • Costly

Though, Magneto web development tool does offer some free trial versions, the enterprise version is quite costly. It could have been easily bearable if it was a onetime cost, but unfortunately the enterprise versions with full features and extended plug-ins comes with a quarterly premium price. If the size of your website and your customer network is small, many of the features will remain unused.

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