5 Technology Trends That Opened Numerous Career Doors

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Advancements in technology often bring new products into the world. With these new products, there are sometimes entirely new careers that arise from their use. When this happens, it is a positive outcome for science as well as the economy. Yet, many of these technological trends go unnoticed by the general public. The following is a list of different technologies that have sparked new careers and helped to make the world a better place.

1. Structured Cabling. With advancements in various types of network cables, such as Cat 5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, and fiber optic cables, there has arisen the need for numerous contractors who visit businesses, install network cables, and set up their networks. This art is known as structured cabling. Many times this involves business phone systems or VOIP phone system installations. People involved in this industry make it possible for businesses to have access to high-speed communication, which is a must in the modern age.

2. Digital Delivery Methods. Before it was possible to transfer data from one computer to the next on a massive scale, many companies were stuck operating in the physical world. Today, many careers exist as a result of companies scrambling to operate in the digital world. People involved in data management, data compression, software development, and other digital products ready for download have arisen out of technologies that make the transfer of data across the Internet possible.5 Technology Trends

3. Hacker Methods. People may not realize it but clever new hacker methods, which arise every day, breathe new life into cyber security careers. More and more people are needed to reason out and develop new methods and tools to stop hackers from stealing identities and harassing the innocent. The smarter the hackers get, the greater the demand for experienced Internet security personnel to protect private individuals and businesses from such threats.

4. The Internet. The Internet is perhaps responsible for more careers in the last 30-years, than any other technological development around. From the introduction of online classifieds to affiliate programs, people have used the Internet to make money hand over fist. Even people who are stuck at home because of a disability can often find a money making opportunity ready to be turned into a career online that simply was not available to them before the existence of the Internet.

5. Mobile Devices and Apps. What started out as a mobile phone industry has grown into a full-blown field for app development? App programmers provide the market with games, digital tools, and greater connectivity through mobile devices. This is one career that simply did not exist before mobile phones were capable of downloading apps for general use.

As we can see, advancements in new technology, as well as already existing technology, can be instrumental in providing people with new career options. Often it is simply a matter of looking at an already existing technological development and determining from there how to employ the technology in question in a way that no one else has done before. In the process, new careers are born and fortunes are made. This is the symbiotic relationship between industry and invention that makes the world go round.

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