7 Predicting Web Design Trends for the year 2014

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Web Design Trends 2014

Tech and Trends:- During writing this article, it is the time to say “Bye Bye” to 2013 year and welcome the year 2014 but when my article will be published; I think the New Year will be come. In this technological world, often many things keep changing, right. If talking regarding web design trends then they are also remain changing as per to satisfy customer/user’s needs as well as to walk with technological world. Today, in this article I am going to aware you towards predicated web design trends for the year 2014. These trends to keep in consideration are the most important things for web designers and developers because they would have to remain up to date as per current trend going on in the market.

Now have a look at predicting web design trends for the year 2014:

Web Design Trends 2014

Large Typography:

We all know that at the time of reading content on website, content typography influence us. In the past, web content has been reformed with many fonts ranging from small, italic to bold. Now the year 2014 has arrived and it is expecting to increase font size, a new predicted trend that adds exclusivity and a personality to web design. The days are gone when websites were filled with Arial or Verdana fonts. For example, if you observe Forbes.com they use large fonts that appeal and attract readers. Even improved screen size and use of Smartphone and tablet compels to resize typography. Whether you open the page in desktop website, iPhone or any Android phone, large fonts improve readability of content.

Video replaces Text:

A two minutes duration video can replace a written text on website. Website with video placement has dual advantages over written contents like easily perceive sound, visual effects. Currently, many 2D and 3D effects are used in videos that influence visitors easily than a long written content. The other advantage of being placed video is sharing ability across social media and on websites.  When you want to explain customer/user about your business, any technical demo then video is the best source to explain stuff. There are many video websites are available to submit your video and make it viral across the world. Even you can track number of social sharing of your video through these video submission sites.

Infinite Scrolling:

Infinite scrolling allows visitors to visit the next page without clicking anywhere. This type of trend is user friendly and mostly suitable for small sites with minimum content. The visitor will find all images and content on a single page. You can use CSS3 and HTML5 to provide more functionality and animation on a web page that gives exclusive look to the website. This type of design trend increases dedication of users while surfing the page and avoid user distraction, which was possible in the previous design trend of the navigation bar links.

Avoid Sidebar:

Avoid Sidebar in website is the best way to avoid unwanted flashing or advertisement attention while reading content on webpage. This welcome trend optimizes the best reading experience for readers by avoiding distracted elements on a web page. This design trend is more suitable for blog and magazine related websites where the base of the whole site is readability of content. It also helps in responsive web design and offers great visual impact.

Flat Design:

Flat design or Flat user interface is an intensifying trend in website design. If you see Apple iPhone, you will discover the absolute flat design centered on content by wiping out distracting elements and allows an essential design idea. In the earlier web design concept, website was loaded with heavy rounded corners and huge gradients, which is now replaced with Flat Design. Simple image in the Flat user interface offers faster loading time for the website and even appears simple, exclusive, and striking. There are users who surf on slow internet connection and such users could get an advantage with this kind of design.

Parallax Scrolling:

Parallax Scrolling is a design in which background image runs slower than foreground image. In this design, an artificial 3D effect offers users an innovative way to relate with website. The parallax scrolling design lets user feels that they are reading a story instead of dull content. It also strengthens website reliability with creative appearance.

Responsive Design:

Responsive design is in vast demand due to expansion of Smartphone and tablet device. Responsive web design technique increases browsing experience on a device by providing a flexible and responsive web page. This design brings Fluid image, CSS3 Media Queries, and flexible grids altogether. It also cuts development cost owing to multi device functionality as if you make use of the Smartphone or tablet, this design will fit your device screen, improve visibility, and boost user retention on the website.


Web design is an evolving field that has taken many changes since its inception and the year 2014 is bringing some amazing web design trends that make browsing experience more sensational and smoother. The above piece of information is a game changer design trends and we hope that it would be beneficial in the makeover of your website in t year of 2014.

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