11 Tips for Better Digital Marketing

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It’s the 21st century, and advertising has moved away from the Yellow Pages and into Yelp.com. But what if you aren’t sure how to embrace this new and fast-moving market? How can you reach an audience that grows more tech-savvy by the day? Here are just 11 ways to improve your site’s digital marketing.

1. Know Your Demographic

The cardinal rule of advertising is also one that gets ignored on the web. Don’t advertise to everyone equally; target your marketing to a specific gender, age or income bracket. You’ll see much better returns with pointed efforts.

2. Use Social Media Wisely

In the same vein as the above, you shouldn’t mindlessly saturate your brand on social media. Look into user statistics and see which site offers the most exposure to your demographic. Then give that platform the lion’s share of your attention.

3. Encourage Content Sharing

Campaigns go viral when they’re simple to understand and easy to share. Your site should be full of links, buttons and embedded videos that allow your readers to quickly reblog, retweet and repost.


4. Utilize SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what drives traffic to your site from Google. If you don’t already understand the importance of things like keyword density and outbound links, it’s time to figure it out. People like Brent Franson can help.

5. Spotlight Your Users

Who comments the most on your blog? Who makes YouTube videos with your products? Draw them out of the crowd and let them become spokespeople for your brand. Other users will respect and respond to a relatable figure who isn’t on your payroll.

6. Be Accessible

If you don’t have a mobile site in addition to your regular one, you’re alienating millions of potential customers who only shop through their smartphones. You want your ads to be easily digested on laptops, cellphones, tablets and e-readers alike.

7. Use the Right Language

Avoid the use of negative language in your ads; it creates subconscious associations that you don’t want linked to your brand. For example, don’t say “our competitors are unsafe.” Say “our brand is 100 percent safe.”

8. Take Advantage of Metadata

Are you using descriptions, title tags and alt text on your site? These are all examples of metadata, and tweaking them with SEO techniques can greatly increase your visibility on search engines.

9. Invest in Analytic Software

Analytics are the lifeblood of a digital business. What kinds of users are visiting your site? Where are they coming from, and what links, images or keywords caught their eye? You can use this information to optimize your marketing to its fullest potential.

10. Promote, Promote, Promote

The most successful websites are the ones that never quit. Don’t announce something just once; put it all over your ads, newsletters and social media accounts. Make people sit up and take notice of what’s new with your business.

11. Ask For Feedback

Every brand can be improved in some way. Don’t be afraid to open the floor to your customers so they can ask questions, make comments and air their grievances with the company. Constructive criticism is a good thing.

These are just 11 tips for better online advertising. The world is growing more technologically advanced by the minute, so make sure you’re captaining the ship instead of being dragged along in its wake.

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