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We can all acknowledge that videos are a more popular and more powerful form of communication than words. Except for the literature enthusiast, most people would rather watch the movie than read the book. And even those who would read the book would rather watch the news than read a newspaper. Plus, what we see impacts us more than what we read because it seems much more real.

That being said, blogs are still very popular and words are still necessary, even if it is only to accompany the video. There is a happy medium where the reader and the watcher can be found and that is in hosting or embedding videos on your WordPress CMS page to accompany your blog. Alternatively, you could just have the videos up there, with no text at all since WordPress is no longer confined to just text-only content.


You don’t need to be super-techie to do this and no additional programming is needed. All you have to do is to download the WordPress video theme of your choice, install it, upload or embed your video and you are good to go.

So what are these five top WordPress video themes I’m talking about?

  1. Vidio

This is ideal for video bloggers and YouTubers. Born from the Backbone Theme Framework, Vidio contains a wide range of content that includes photos, videos and more multimedia content. It also allows you to design your website as you please without getting into the code which is a very efficient feature that borrows from the parent theme.

  1. eVid

Also ideal for video blogger and Youtubers, eVid provides a platform where videos from various sources and host sites can be easily integrated. Despite the lack of its own video player, eVid has a custom interface for videos powered by WordPress. Any video that can be embedded can work with eVid and developers are looking to increase support for other sites as need arises.

  1. Gigawatt

It is a descendant of OBox, one of the pioneer themes created specifically for video. It has been the standard WordPress video theme since 2011 given its ability to embed videos quickly as well as allow users to host streaming sites. In 2013, the responsive design was released with automatic video options and thumbnail sizing.

  1. Primero

This is perfect for photographers and videographers to showcase their work, something like an online photo gallery. It allows for an unlimited number of video portfolios and files, which can then be embedded with other posts. It is very adaptable and so you can use it to stream your videos as well.

  1. Wave

This theme is so user-friendly it has attracted numerous buyers since the first version was released in 2009. It offers high quality features including a full width HD video streaming. It also allows forthird-party videos and streaming of embedded videos. The latest version, released in August 2013, even has the WordPress 3.0 navigation.

  1. Video Elements

If you are starting out and don’t have much to spend, this is the theme for you. It is cheap but not skimpy on quality. It has an “Instant View” feature that allows your visitors to watch any video you have embedded immediately at the click of a button. It has a section for features videos and advertising space available as well.


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